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Bookley, the store’s mascot, during children’s story time at Another Chapter Bookstore.

Judge Another Chapter Bookstore simply by its cover, and you will miss the magic.  This Owasso gem is not just any old bookstore. Instead, it’s a destination—a place to find community, entertainment, relaxation and respite— even, adventure.
Karen Barros, Owner of Another Chapter Bookstore, knows a thing or two about adventure. After retiring from her 26 years in teaching, she decided to pursue a dream. “This was a major leap of faith. I loved teaching. I truly did. But I was ready to try something else, so this was ‘another chapter’ of my life.” Barros grew up in Owasso and raised her children in the community, thus she hoped to fill a void and give back to her hometown.
Why a bookstore? “When I was in elementary school, I was a struggling reader,” explains Barros, “In the seventh grade, my reading teacher flipped a switch for me. She would constantly put books in front of me—put them in my hand and talk to me about them. I didn’t have to read it. She would tell me about the book.” Later that year, Barros began to read the pages for herself. Since that time, Barros is rarely without a book in hand. Now, she lives her passion at Another Chapter, fanning the flame for reading in children: “If you have a passionate child about reading, they are going to grow up to be a passionate adult about the world around them—they will be connected.”
Finding connection comes easily at Another Chapter Bookstore via an assortment of free events. The store hosts monthly open mic nights, so locals may showcase their talents; regular book clubs for readers; monthly author and speaker events; and weekly story/craft times for children. Other special events grace the calendar as well. For instance, wine tastings, an annual “Books and Brews” event, a Murder Mystery Masquerade and similar themed parties can be enjoyed.
Sometimes, however, solace, rather than adventure, is sought. According to Barros, people are longing for a break from the barrage of the digital world, from being inundated by computers at work and school. The feel of a book in the hands is just the remedy. You can enjoy the coffee and snack bar, purchase a selection from the row upon carefully organized row of books from nearly every readable genre stretching the length of the store and settle into the comfy leather sofa to read.
There is something for every taste at Another Chapter. The staff is required to continually immerse itself in various genres to assure that they stay abreast of the store’s offerings— from bestsellers to indie and local authors as well as niche genres. That extremely knowledgeable staff is always at the ready to help its customers with recommendations. If Another Chapter doesn’t happen to have a particular book in stock, it can quickly be ordered for a customer. Book prices are preset by publishers, Barros explains, so with Another Chapter featuring various reader incentives and discounts, the choice to shop local is a no-brainer.
Another Chapter also carries a lovely selection of gift items in addition to books—journals, candles, pens, just to name a few. Gift certificates make wonderful gifts also. Gift wrapping is free.
It is no surprise why folks enter as customers but quickly become ‘regulars’ at Another Chapter, as Barros reflects: “People are looking for connection. I want to be that place where they come and feel comfortable and get that next adventure or escape.”

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A place to find community, entertainment, relaxation and respite— even, adventure.

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