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Good things come from buying local.

Promote Buy Local.

Since 1991, Value News has continued to be a leader in BUY LOCAL advertising. We have partnered with businesses just like yours to reach out to their YESTERDAY’S, TODAY’S, and TOMORROW’S customers with powerful direct advertising solutions. Advertisers from restaurants, retailers, institutions, homes, and professional services have relied on us to deliver new customers and elevate their influence within the community. We have clients in over 100 different industries.

Our multi-platform formula takes your customers on a journey from your introduction, to your website, and through your door. Throughout three mailing rotations your promotional campaigns are delivered to more than 100,000 unique home addresses in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Collinsville, Bixby, Jenks, Glenpool, Claremore, Catoosa, and Inola along with search engine optimized online landing pages, banner ads, and on our social media platforms.

Families enjoy our engaging local content while capitalizing on unique discounts, and our business clients enjoy less competition and the ability to give consumers information to make buying decisions about their products and services.

It's About Relationship Marketing.

Relationship marketing is about creating and nurturing long-term relationships with your customers and clients. It’s important to remain top-of-mind so you never miss an opportunity for referrals and repeat business. They find you in Value News, patronage you from Value News, and continue to remember you through Value News.


BUY-LOCAL CAMPAIGN CREATION. We use your knowledge and our research to create a program that commands attention and focuses on customer engagement.

STEP # 2

DESIGN offline and online activities based on your monthly promotion. This includes advertisement and content or article creation, including social media promos.

STEP # 3

IMPLEMENTATION using our homeowner-specific mailing list with your monthly promotional and/or article online search engine optimized organic landing page for FIRST PAGE search results. Local search results drive business to your online platforms, and your Buy Local campaign will show up in those local searches.


EVALUATE, we track your organic digital landing pages and your digital visitors report is always available upon request.

What We Do.

Value News: Great value, affordable cost, with unique appeal. We draw our inspiration from high-end magazines and make it homey using playful fonts, professional photography and images, with engaging articles to tell YOUR STORY!

We do seven important things:

  • Identify Your Ideal Customer
  • Pinpoint Their Pain
  • Understand What Your Customers Really Want
  • Be Clear About What Makes You Different From Your Competitors
  • Create Compelling Values Proposition
  • Develop A Powerful Message
  • Position You As An Expert Problem-Solver or Provider
Experience The Local Difference

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