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Endless Fitness owners Logan and Paige Riley teach classes and do personal training with gym members.

Inspired by a passion for fitness and a desire to share their experience and help others, Logan and Paige Riley set out on their mission to build the gym of their dreams. They found the perfect location on North Armstrong Street in downtown Bixby across from Charley Young Event Park and gave it the name “Endless Fitness.”

“We wanted to go somewhere where it was growing a community that we could help,” Logan stated. They received the keys to their new building in March and started getting to work. Before Endless Fitness was created, Logan and Paige had been into fitness for about seven years. With Logan’s gym knowledge and experience, it allowed him to help get Paige into the fitness lifestyle shortly after their first daughter was born.

“I just really needed something to take my stress out on, and ever since then, I have loved it,” Paige explained. This led to them realizing how much they benefit from the gym and established their goal of starting their own.

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Endless Fitness is the result of the Riley family’s hard work and dedication to fitness and helping people.

The couple rapidly began moving in all of the equipment and designing the space around the community atmosphere they wanted to promote and the unique classes they offer.

“Everything inside the building we did ourselves, we painted it front to back, brought in all the equipment, and we laid all the flooring ourselves.” The building previously stored large blocks of ice used for refrigeration, so in order to preserve the historical value of the location, the bright blue neon sign above the storefront reads “Ice House.” After completing the renovating process, the gym was officially opened April 7, 2019.

As you enter the building, you will find Paige or Logan at the front desk, teaching a class, or coaching a personal training session. Along the set of windows in the front of the gym lies the treadmills and other cardio equipment. On the north side wall is the free weight equipment which includes dumbbells, a barbell bench and a couple different weights of bars that Logan and Paige refer to as “his and hers bars.” Directly across the room is a pair of squat racks and a rare piece of equipment known as a Muscle D 3D rack. In the middle of the room various machines for targeting different muscle groups, a couple of barbell benches, and a 5 Stack machine, and on the east side of the building is an open space designed for training classes including Fit Camp and Zumba.

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Logan and Paige hand-picked all of the equipment in the gym, including unique stations you won’t find at most gyms such as “his and hers bars” and the Muscle D 3D rack.

After a couple of months of being open, Endless Fitness launched the Fit Camp program offered to any premium members. This class is designed for people of any shape or size looking to better themselves by executing primarily bodyweight and resistance exercises. Fit Camp is conducted by the owners themselves, which helps promote a personal experience during this class. You can attend Fit Camp Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday from 6-7 p.m. A Zumba class is additionally offered, which is led by an instructor. The dates for Zumba follow as Monday and Thursday from 6-7 p.m.

Endless Fitness offers multiple levels of memberships. The general membership allows 24/7 access to the building. The premium membership also includes tanning and unlimited classes. They also offer a personal trainer membership so the members can bring guests with them to train without the member having to pay commission or their client needing to have a membership. They offer a no-contract option, and discounts for members who sign up for a 6-month or 12-month contract.

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The gym is designed around family and community so everyone feels welcome regardless of their fitness level or experience.

So far, along with helping others with their health and nutrition by providing supplements from Herbalife, the most rewarding part of owning a gym has been the social aspect and helping others accomplish their goals. “It’s not just coming in here and lifting weights,” Logan said. “It translates to your whole life; you can set a goal, and if you put the work, time and energy into it, you can reach that goal and keep moving forward.” They plan to continue to grow and keep their members as close as family. For more information, visit their website at or their Facebook page

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