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Natalie McIninch, lead instructor at Fitness Time for Ladies.

Fitness Time for Ladies continues to grow in the next phase of their ongoing expansion. The popular women’s gym, located in the North Park Medical Center on Highway 66 North, will soon be offering ladies double the square footage of their current space with more options than ever before.
The ladies only gym in Claremore has been in existence for the last decade, adding more equipment and even moving to their current location in the last five years. Dr. Kyle Hrdlicka says the plans for this phase of renovation will be taking the facility from 6,000 to 12,000 square feet.
This addition of space will allow for more classes and services. With the last expansion adding more locker space and a breakfast bar, this addition is focusing more on self-care for ladies. Certified stylist and Fitness Time for Ladies Zumba instructor, Kayla Jochman, will be leading a salon for hair and nails, called Chic Salon. The salon will be in combination with Tranquillité, a co-ed spa for massage therapy and relaxation service customized to fit your needs. Provided by Leslie Cohen, MT, services are offered on Wednesdays and Thursdays by appointment.
Hrdlicka and his team are also adding to the gym portion of the facility. A swim spa will allow for low impact workouts as well as relaxation from a heated whirlpool. The cardio portion of the gym will have more treadmills and ellipticals with new machines such as row machines, stair steppers and a pull-up assist. Ladies can wind down in the dedicated yoga room or grab a protein shake from Fitness Time Nutrition in the expanded office and retail area.
“I think what excites me the most in this expansion is that we are continuing to add value to a membership without increasing membership cost,” he said. “Each membership is just getting more valuable every time we expand because members have more options now with all the features we’re adding.”
In addition to spin classes, Zumba classes and kickboxing, Fitness Time for Ladies offers yoga and a yoga flexibility mix, step aerobics, a spin and sculpt class, a super sculpt class, cardio classes and Tabata classes. The newest class to be added to the schedule will be self-defense courses. The schedule, which changes periodically after a usage evaluation, is always posted at the website and on their Facebook page, where you can also find class cancellations or last minute changes.
“Many gyms charge extra for their classes,” says Dr. Hrdlicka. “We do not. When you pay your monthly fee, you have full use of our facility, including tanning. You get the whole gym for the price of a tanning membership.”
The all-inclusive membership, if paid monthly by automatic bank draft, is $49.05. However, if paid in advance, the membership fee is only $40 per month or $480 for a year. For more package options and class schedules, go to their website.

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