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By, Macy Goodnight; At Community Builders, the best quality and the highest value are just fundamentally part of the service they provide, but each year, they make it a priority to give even more.

For over 37 years, Community Builders has provided their customers with enriching “specialty home improvements,” and company owner, Greg Wolter, is proud to have built his business on integrity, honesty and exceptional value. Located at 8220 E. Skelly Drive, in Tulsa, the company is well-known for not only incredible customer service, but their superior class windows, siding, metal roofing, sun and patio rooms builds, and much more.

In December, the recipients of three major winners were announced as part of their annual Home Makeover Giveaway. “This contest is just a way for us to give back,” said Greg. “We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we are grateful for our customers and our community.” The first prize winner, from Tulsa, won $25,000 toward her home makeover and will include new windows, siding and storm door. The second prize winner lives in Vinita, and the third prize winner lives in Tahlequah. The contest opened in July through August. A drawing was conducted with entries that were received via mail, or from the website and social media. “Anytime customers called in for any product, they were automatically entered into the drawing,” said Greg.

Community Builders is accustomed to giving more to their customers and works to ensure their customer’s lives are better than before they chose to call them. Their specialty is higher-end home improvement projects, but they provide expert advice on energy savings for the home as well, with the enhancements they can provide.

There are many ways in which to increase energy saving in a home, including “the best siding out there,” according to Greg. “Siding can add better insulation, especially in older homes,” he said. “Replacing siding or keeping it up to date can make a significant difference.” Metal roofs are proven to make improvements in this area, as well as insulated windows. “Most people’s windows are not very energy efficient, especially if they are 10 years or older,” Greg said. “The technology has changed so much. Sometimes people can improve their energy bill around 40 to 50%.”

Bathroom updates are also a specialty at Community Builders, to not only beautify the space but also make it safer. Studies have, for years, shown that the bathroom can be the most dangerous place in the home without proper precautions and protections. “We carry Jacuzzi safety tubs for seniors or anyone who has a hard time getting in and out of a bathtub,” said Greg. Additional bathroom updates could include bath wall surrounds, new or replacement tubs and showers, safety equipment and bars, or shower enclosures.

“Our job is to provide quality and value,” said Greg. “We try to do a better job with better products.” Visit their website at for a complete list of services and products offered at Community Builders, and call today to schedule your home improvements.

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