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John Chatzigiannidis (D.O.M.P, C.PED), takes the time to ensure each patient receives the most comprehensive evaluation and treatment.

By, Macy Goodnight; The motto of John Chatzigiannidis(D.O.M.P, C.PED), owner and practitioner at Feet Unlimited and Restoring Body Health, is simple but rare in today’s bustling world. 

“I treat the patient, not the clock.
No question or problem is too big or small!” Feet are his specialty, and optimizing his patient’s overall health begins with the proper steps.

Located in The Warren Medical Building at 6465 S. Yale Ave., Suite 608, it is their mission to help their patients move better, feel better and live better. For almost 20 years, John has practiced as a trusted Certified Pedorthist, with emphasis on manual osteopathic manipulation, therapeutic diabetic shoes, ankle-foot orthotics, and custom-made orthotics. His insight on biomechanics is providing revolutionary care for his patients, and contributing to their complete well-being.

“I am one of a few people who make custom orthotics locally,” said John. “They are not made for everyone, as there are certain problems and conditions that dictate practical application.” Most candidates for custom-orthotics will have experienced pain, discomfort, or issues in the feet or elsewhere in the body caused by pronation, flat feet or misalignment. In some cases, patients will have been born with one leg slightly longer than the other. “True custom orthotics are like wheel balancing,” John said. “Like a car, when the wheels are balanced, the entire body works better.”

Podoscope screening is utilized during a biomechanical exam to find pressure points in the soles of the feet.

Patients with orthotic needs will receive a thorough Biomechanical Exam to evaluate and ensure that all requirements are met for an effective and successful outcome. The patient is asked to bring several frequently worn pairs of shoes in with them for the exam, to research wear patterns that will show unequivocally how a person’s feet are being used while walking or during activity. A full podoscope screening will also be utilized to show exact pressure points on the soles of feet. A postural study will be conducted as well, to examine what the body is doing in conjunction with the feet. Video of the patient walking will be taken to assess the gait cycle. “Then we present all of our findings to the patient with all of this information so that they can be educated and informed on their need for orthotics,” said John. “The last thing we want to do is have a patient scratching their heads. A patient should understand how it all works.”

Once the evaluation is complete, an impression is taken of the feet, and a cast is made. The custom-orthotics are handmade in John’s lab, and patients will usually get them back within a week. After two weeks, a follow-up visit will take place to ensure the patient is comfortable and seeing the desired results. Adults and children will find the benefits of this pedorthic care.

Other services provided by John include manual osteopathic manipulation, therapeutic laser therapy and much more, in an effort to ensure that their patients are living their best lives.

Custom handmade orthotics are more practical for complete foot health.

For more information on custom-orthotics and other services provided by Feet Unlimited, Inc. and Restoring Body Health, visit their website at,
or call for an appointment at 
(918) 747-8224.

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