Effective and Interactive Virtual Program for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

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The mission of Pathways is to provide a unique Christian program dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for adults with intellectual disabilities. Pathways’ vision is to assist each individual to achieve emotional, cognitive, physical, social, and spiritual growth to his or her fullest potential.

By Dayana Shiplett: Pathways Adult Learning Center is a unique Christian program dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for adults with intellectual disabilities. Students 16 years and older can learn virtually from the comfort and safety of their homes while connecting with their peers and teachers.

After high school, students tend to regress academically and socially if they do not have regular opportunities to practice their skills. Pathways is dedicated to helping students grow in subjects like math, reading, science, geography, life skills, fitness, their faith and so much more. Life skills classes are key to helping students become more confident and independent adults, and include topics like communication, health, safety and independent living skills.  Pathways students look forward to their classes because they know they are sure to be filled with learning, connection and laughter. “Students in the program are valued and celebrated for who they are as individuals and for their desire to continue their education!” says Dayana Shiplett, Communications Manager at Pathways. Pathways virtual classes are uniquely designed for this population, and are currently offered 20 hours per week.

Recently Pathways parent Darla shared that Pathways fits the niche for families like hers. If it weren’t for the program, her son Philip would have regressed in his functional skills. The program also helps provide a level of respite for their family. She is thankful for the program because it fits the needs of her son to not only continue his education but also provide him with his own social network and faith community.

Pathways virtual classes are available worldwide, and in-person classes are available in Tulsa. To learn more or apply for the program visit www.pathwaysok.org/program/ or call 918-859-0060.

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