Going Above and Beyond, No Matter the Season

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Whether it’s upkeep on your garden or going for an evening drive around the lake, the Landstar UTV series by American Landmaster is great for hauling cargo, towing and recreational use.

While the summer heat may still be upon us now, the cooler temperatures will slowly but surely be making their way back to Oklahoma.

While some may bid farewell to the outdoors as the temperatures decline, some continue to let the good times roll, both figuratively and literally from the seat of their side-by-side.

For those unfamiliar, a side-by-side is a small two-to-six person four-wheel drive off-road vehicle, sometimes called UTV (utility task vehicle) or MOHUV (multipurpose off-highway utility vehicle), but no matter what it’s called, you can find it and much more in Claremore at TNG Power Equipment Inc.

“With summer ending, more people are going to be taking an interest in getting out on their Side-by-Side or Go Kart, both of which are ideal in cooler weather, and both of which, we offer,” said Tim Johnson, manager, TNG “We carry Odes and Hisun (brands), both of which are recognized for their quality and durability.”

Side-by-Sides and Go Karts are variations of off-road vehicles, often giving young riders their first chance to drive, with extra built-in safety features.

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ODES X4 ZEUS UTV, one of the TNG featured showroom models.

“Side-by-Sides are secure – safer, you can have up to five people in the crew cabs, and they’re great for lots of outdoor recreation – in the woods, on sand, any kind of trail-riding experience,” he said. “Fall – and spring – tend to be the times of the year when people are most interested in going out on a Side-by-Side because of the weather – in the fall because it’s cooling down, and in the spring because people have been inside all winter and are antsy and wanting to get back outside.”

Although TNG has long carried American Landmaster Go-Karts, it wasn’t until recent months that he began to offer Odes and Hisun Side-by-Sides, both of which brands have exceptional warranty options.

“Odes has one of the best warranties out on the market – five years on the engine, three years on the complete unit, and you can even buy an extended warranty on them,” he said. “As far as the Hisun goes, they carry a three-year warranty, unlike some other brands that may only carry a one-year warranty.”

One of the more popular Odes Side-by-Sides is the Strike 250, which is powered by a 4-stroke cylinder OHC engine with an automatic CTV transmission and independent dual a-arm suspension and is outfitted with accessories that include a roof, windshield, doors and a 2,500 lb synthetic rope winch.

Financing is available, as is a Christmas layaway program.

“On our Christmas layaway, people can put a Side-by-Side or Go Kart in (lay-away) and have until Dec. 15 to have it paid for,” he said. “These items make great gifts, whether for Christmas or any occasion, and can be enjoyed by not only the kids they’re purchased for, but their parents as well, or even their grandparents. A Side-by-Side is an all-around high value when it comes to fun and entertainment.”

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Ravager 1000 by ODES Industries, available at TNG Power Equipment.

Johnson, who owns a Side-by-Side himself, noted that TNG is the only dealer of Side-by-Sides in Rogers County, with pickup and delivery service available.

“They’re just a fun source of recreation – very relaxing,” he said. “We usually go out to Keystone and ride, but no matter where you go, the fun is always the same.”

And with fall’s arrival, so comes the winter, and the need to heat the home.

“We’re getting back into the time of the year when people start thinking about a heating source for their home – one that will last them for years – and we have just the thing with our wood pellet stoves,” Johnson said. “What’s great about pellet stoves is you just can put just a handful of wood pellets in them, and they’ll put out 50,000 BTW. This is like a furnace, but it’s a very regulated heat, so you don’t get the extreme heat you might get from a cast-iron stove – it’s much more controlled, much more comfortable.”

Other advantages of wood stoves include their ease of use, automatic ignition, power modulation, and they are much more environmentally-friendly due to the CO2-neutral fuel.

Johnson said Regency and Hampton brand Wood Stoves will be added to the showroom floor as winter draws closer, but inquiries are always welcome. Generators, chain saws and other weather-ready power equipment also are available.

TNG Power Equipment, Inc. is located at 2100 S. Highway 66 in Claremore. Hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays, or until “the last customer is taken care of.”

“Something I always emphasize is that we pride ourselves on service – you won’t find better service than from us, and we want to help our customers find whatever they need. We go above and beyond, no matter the season,” he said.

For more information, contact Tim at 918-923-6709.

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