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When was the last time you checked your tire pressure or changed a tire?  Checked your own fluid levels and oil?  Learning a few simple skills can help you avoid a roadside bind. I think most of us agree that our vehicle is one of our largest investments that are important to our livelihood and independence.  So why haven’t we done a better job teaching ourselves and children about taking care of our vehicles? We asked Cliff Koger, Service and Parts Director at Bob Moore Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram of Tulsa (CDJR).  “Our lives are busy and we take for granted that our car is going to work properly all by itself and neglect the small amount of time it takes to oversee its basic needs. Our busy everyday life has left us lean on time to learn some of the basic skills and tips to save time, money and be safer on the streets,”  said Koger.  “I have been in the automotive business all my life and considered basic car care common sense when in reality that isn’t always the case, especially with all the new advancements in the auto industry.  Trying to teach our kids about something we know little about can be daunting.  It would be like me trying to teach mine about algebra or chemistry.  Although I know enough about the two subjects to use them in everyday life, I’m certainly not well versed to the point of teaching it to my kids. I would much rather depend on the experts (teachers) to teach those things to my kids.”


Cliff Koger, Service & Parts Director at Bob Moore CDJR of Tulsa, invites teens and/or parents to their free one-on-one basic auto care skills program.

That got Koger thinking…he relies on teachers to teach his kids about the things that will make them more successful in life, so why shouldn’t “We” as “Auto Experts” in our field do the same things for kids to help them be successful and productive adults?  Our world has become so much about ‘what’s in it for me’ that we have forgotten to be kind to others and most of all HELP OTHERS. With that being said, I have spoken to all my staff about the idea of a program to help parents and teens.  All became excited and welcomed the idea of teaching others,” Koger expressed.  His staff conversation evolved into a new program being offered about teaching basic auto maintenance skills, free of charge at Bob Moore CDJR of Tulsa.  It is designed as an introduction to the fundamentals necessary to keep your vehicle well maintained and safe in the long run, and pointed out that the program is not designed to teach people how to do everything on their vehicle.  “We want to teach you about things such as checking your oil, changing a spare, checking tire pressure, and basic necessary skills that will help build your self-confidence and reduce the need to depend on someone else when the need arises.”


Teach teens how to keep their vehicles well-maintained and safe.

How do you get started?  The schedule is open and to register all you need to do is give Cliff Koger a call at (918) 796-3915.  The individual one-on-one (one person with one technician) program will take about one hour.  Bob Moore CDJR of Tulsa is located at 4627 S. Memorial Dr. in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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