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The showroom at USA Granite and Cabinetry is a welcoming environment of warm lighting, quality kitchen design examples, elegant collaborations of cabinetry and granite countertops, and a wide range of hardware samples that would make any homeowner crave a new renovation adventure. Karen Rossi serves as the Kitchen Design Specialist for USA Granite and Cabinetry and proves to be an important contributor to their inviting, creative spirit.

The large facility that contains USA Granite and Cabinetry, Inc. is not only impressive on the outside, but is equally as inviting when you open it’s front door.

Travelling either east or west down 61st street between Aspen and Garnett will expose even the most uninterested driver to a collection of businesses that have developed in Broken Arrow over a very short period of time. USA Granite and Cabinetry truly stands alone visually on this industrial landscape, but proves to be a much larger provider than it’s physical building can contain.

Rossi is not a stranger to the world of home design having worked in the industry for over twenty years. “I’ve been a kitchen designer forever,” she said. She started working in the flooring business, which was followed by a five-year career with California Closets. “Whenever I was selling closets, it seemed like the customer was always referring to what the kitchen designer had said. I thought to myself that the person they are speaking of must be very important,” Rossi explained. “That is when I first decided to become a kitchen designer.” Rossi loves her work and is proud of USA Granite and Cabinetry’s level of quality and service.

USA Granite and Cabinetry offers full kitchen remodeling packages, which sets them apart from other providers of granite countertops, kitchen design and cabinetry. Their team conducts approximately 100 kitchen-remodeling projects per year, which confirms that they are not only successful but also highly productive. USA Granite and Cabinetry will work on a project that involves the entire kitchen or one that covers the whole house. No job is too small or too large for their countertop customers.

We are different because we offer our customers more than just granite countertops,” says Rossi. “Our offering of full kitchen packages set us apart from other companies in our marketplace.” The unique offering that USA Granite and Cabinetry makes available to their customers leaves a lasting impression on those with whom they collaborate. “Other companies want you to pick out the exact cabinet, they want the layout exactly right, every rollout tray, and every backsplash,” Rossi explained. “Every single detail in place before they will give you a price. The company will most likely give you a price that is much higher than you wanted to spend. You’ve spent all that time but you’ve fallen in love with what you’ve picked.”

Rossi makes it clear that USA Granite and Cabinetry follows a different set of rules to serve their customers. “Our customers don’t have to pick. They can contact us and make an appointment at their convenience. I will come to their house, make the needed measurements, and tell them in 10 minutes how much it will cost.” At this point, if the customer is in agreement, Rossi prepares 3-D drawings, and provides a written quote for the exact price. Homeowners and builders appreciate the commitment they make to ensure their contribution has a successful finish.

People really like what we do because buying a new kitchen is very intimidating. Basically, there is one reason why our customers and clients really like us,” Rossi said. “We give them the price before they do the work. Nobody sells kitchens like us.” USA Granite and Cabinetry understands how exhausting and heartbreaking the process of renovation can be on the consumer and they designed their process to be customer sensitive, efficient and time conscience. “Simply, when all is said and done,” Rossi confirmed, “we offer really beautiful things at very good prices.

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