What Is The Right Driveway For Your Home?

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For this homeowner, LCI Concrete replaced their old driveway with a radius drive which allowed for more space with beautiful curves.

When your driveway is in need of renovating there are many options to improve its overall good looks and curb appeal, however what’s most important it function.  Today’s vehicles are larger, there are more cars using the driveway, and driveways are play and social zones too.  So deciding on the right layout for your homes driveway is important for this long-term investment.

According to Kalan Paul, owner of LCI Concrete, before deciding on a driveway plan, you should first consider some of the following:

  1. How much parking would you like?  Do you want room for two cars to pass?  So you need space to turn-around?
  2. What is the position of your home’s garage?  Does it face the street, or is it on the side of your home?  Is it detached in the rear of your home?
  3. What is the terrain? 
  4. What look do you want to create?  Do you want a grand entrance or a simple driveway?

There are three popular driveway design choices:  Circular driveways, Curved radius driveways, and straight driveways.  “Circular drives are one of the most popular driveway layouts because it eliminates the need for backing out or turning around so that you can always safely enter oncoming traffic in drive with a clear view of the road,” explained Kalan. 

“Curved driveways (also known as Radius driveways) have multiple reasons why you might opt for one of these.  First, is that the best access point from the street does not line up with your garage, requiring the driveway to curve or angle. Also, it helps you design around existing trees or other features.  Third, broad sweeping curves of this type of driveway enhance the overall look of your home and are easy to navigate.”

“Straight driveways are one of the most popular simple solutions for replacement drives.  This type of driveway layout purposefully directs people’s focus to your home, it’s simple and functional.  It is a standard solution for homeowners who want to replace their existing driveway that has become cracked, deteriorated and unsightly.  In many cases, we will widen the existing space to better accommodate larger vehicles.”

With over 22 years experience, Kalan knows exactly what he is doing.  He has been in business with LCI Concrete since 2005.  “Concrete is durable, and when the soil and concrete are properly prepared and poured, you can expect it to last at least 30 to 40 years,” he says.  Concrete is environmentally friendly, and is composed of renewable resources that can be recycled into granular fill or concrete aggregate.”  He also noted that his company has completed over $1,000,000.00 in driveways over the last 2 years, an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, most of their jobs are completed in 1 day, and are insured for your protection.  Additionally, they are polite, on time and clean up after the work is finished.  He invites you to view approximately over 100 driveway photos on his website lcitulsa.com and welcomes you to personally contact previous customers.

Kalan says he has one goal, “To make every customer proud of their new LCI Concrete product that will serve them well for decades to come.”

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