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By, Macy Goodnight; Who doesn’t dream of making a living doing what they love?  For Haylie Choate, her ardor for baking and reading have helped her to build a business that she is passionate about, while providing her customers with products they love.

At The Bookworm Cakery & Gifts, located at 119 W. Blue Starr Drive, in Claremore, customers can stop in for a tasty treat and shop for some of the most unique gift items available for anyone who loves to read. Guests can find a multitude of clever items, such as literary-themed teas, home décor, candles, bookbags, bookmarks, and so much more. Haylie opened the shop in May 2020, and despite launching during one of the hardest years in recent memory, has been very successful.  Customers have not only discovered a love affair with her quaint and charming shop but with her incredible baking and cake decorating skills. 

In the summer of 2018, Haylie found herself unemployed. At that pivotal moment, she knew she needed to go into business on her own.  “I’m very independent, and I like to take charge,” she said.  “I knew then that I really wanted to work for myself.”  It was her strongest desire to do something that was creative and inspiring. “I love to bake, and I know I’m really good at it,” said Haylie.  While living with her mother, who helped to persuade her to take the leap, they began the business out of the home.  With a growing fan base and lots of requests for cakes, Haylie realized that learning to decorate cakes was the direction she needed to go.  She is completely self-taught, with hundreds of hours of research and lots of practice.  “It’s a big part of American culture to celebrate with cake,” she said.  “We celebrate every big occasion with cake!”  Haylie can design and decorate almost any style, with a wide assortment of flavors.  She is famous for her amazing buttercream frosting.  “It’s the best!” she said.

The reality of a storefront was decided on with the help of her silent partner, Mishelle Hancock.  When determining a name for the shop, Haylie wanted an identity that was representative of herself, and her love of reading helped her decide on the name The Bookworm. They opened their doors on May 2nd.  “I give a lot of credit to Mishelle for helping me make my dream a reality in going from my home to brick and mortar,” said Haylie, “but the person I must thank for keeping the business going is my mom, Pam Lewis.”  Many customers see her in the shop every day but should know that Pam gets up every morning and goes to work with Haylie for free. “She believes in what I’m doing so much and wants me to be successful.  She’s devoted herself to the shop.”  Haylie is eternally grateful for the support of her family and friends and knows she wouldn’t be there without them.
“I owe them my life,” she said, “and God is good all of the time.”

For more information about the gift shop and custom cakes, follow them on Facebook @thebookworm918, or visit their website at

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