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Rogers County is passionate about making every effort to provide accessibility to its voters. “The state legislature has approved large counties to have satellite locations for early voting,” explains Julie Dermody, Secretary of the Rogers County Election Board. “Rogers County has a large physical area, and there is a need for voters to be able to vote more conveniently.”

For this reason, a new satellite location is being added for early voting in elections in Owasso. The satellite will be available to any and all voters, legally registered to vote in Rogers County, at Central Baptist Church 9001 N. 145th E. Ave. Owasso, OK on Thursday, June 21 and Friday, June 22 from 8am-7pm and Saturday, June 23 9am-2pm, in advance of the June 26 primary election date. Additional dates for early voting in future elections will also take place at this location. As always, Rogers County voters may also cast their early ballots at the Rogers County Election Board on those same dates and times; however, the new location allows for flexibility and convenience if a citizen works or lives closer to the satellite location. If a citizen waits to cast his or her vote on the election date (June 26 for the primary election, for instance), the vote will need to be cast at a designated polling place to which he or she has been assigned.

By allowing early voting to be held at two convenient locations, the Rogers County Election Board, as well as the new satellite location in Owasso, Rogers County is hopeful that greater participation will take place. Recent inquiries by citizens has prompted the satellite location. The hope is for turnout to be a record one this year. Interest in upcoming state issues such as education and legalization of medical marijuana as well as a record number of candidate filings have certainly sparked a renewed interest in the local electorate. To have two locations for casting an early vote should help to process the anticipated rush at the ballot box more efficiently.  The opening of the polls for early voting on a Saturday will provide a measure of convenience as well.

Whether making plans to vote early at the Rogers County Election Board in Claremore or at the new satellite location in Owasso, or waiting until the primary election day to cast a vote at the assigned polling place, voters can ensure a smooth process by making a few preparations. Simply check your status as a voter by going online at: www.rogerscountyelectionboard.org . There, you will be able to enter your first and last name as well as your date of birth to make sure that you are currently registered to vote. This website has information as to which precinct you are registered and your polling place location (if you chose not to vote early at one of the early voting locations). There is even a map to direct you to your polling place on election day. If you are not yet registered to vote, you may easily register by printing the registration application from www.rogerscountyelectionboard.org, fill it out and mail it to the election board. You may register to vote in person at your local tag agency, library or the Rogers County Election Board in Claremore.

The website also allows you to review and print a sample ballot in advance of voting, so that you can research and understand the issues and be familiar with the candidates running for office before voting on them.

When it is time to cast your ballot, whether on a scheduled date for early voting or on election day, you will simply need to take your voter i.d. or a state or federally-issued i.d., along with you to sign in.

“We really want this to be a fun and memorable experience for our voters,” explains Dermody. Rogers County makes every effort to make it so. A selfie booth is provided onsite, so voters can enjoy commemorating the voting experience after having cast their ballots. Voters are also encouraged to bring their children along to witness the experience, and Rogers County, happily, hands out “Future Voter” stickers to those children that choose to tag-along.

Then, take delight in the fact that you have participated in your right and responsibility as an informed voter and made a difference!

Early Ballots may be cast in advance of the primary election on June 21, 22 or 23 at one of the following locations:
Central Baptist Church

location for Rogers County voters)

9001 N. 145th E. Ave.

Owasso, OK

Rogers County Election Board

415 W. First Street Just In Time For Early Voting:


Claremore, OK

***Early voting for the Runoff Primary Elections will be available at the same locations on Aug 23, 24 and 25 and for the General Elections on Nov 1, 2 and 3.

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