Offering Comfort During Your Time of Need

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Operations Manager Charles Canoe invites you to join the Reynolds & Sons and AdamsCrest Funeral Service family.

Many find it difficult at best to not only plan end-of-life services for their loved ones, but even more so to think about it for themselves. Sadly, at some point, most of us are faced with these decisions we are often unprepared for.
Reynolds & Sons and AdamsCrest Funeral Service has been in the business of helping families for more than 18 years. With two locations, one in Tulsa at 1916 S. Sheridan Rd and the original location in Collinsville at 1501 W. Main, they have been serving Oklahoma families at some of the most trying times of their lives.
Operations Manager Charles Canoe explains that one of their goals is to treat every person who walks in their door with respect and dignity. “I never really understood until I lost my own brother what you go through when a loved one dies. It changed how I do business in every aspect. We’ll do whatever we can to help each family that walks through our doors.”
Reynolds & Sons and AdamsCrest Funeral Service is unique in the fact that they are with the customer from start to finish and as Charles explains, that means round-the-clock service. “If we get a call that someone has passed away, we are the ones who go to the hospital and take the loved one to the funeral home to prepare them for embalming, cremation or whatever their family has chosen for them. We don’t use a service. That alone gives families a lot of peace.”
This distinct aspect of care has led many customers to pre-plan their own funerals. The advantage? “Besides having payment plans,” Charles explains, “the price is locked in at today’s prices and your family doesn’t have to agonize over rising funeral costs. It takes a lot of worry away from your family financially and emotionally.”
Modern technology has definitely had an impact because it allows families to easily share their condolences and grief. It also provides a way for family and friends to help with costs through online funding services. “Many people are in the financial situation of not having the means to afford a service and with the availability of the internet, they are able to get help from friends and relatives,” says Charles. The business also uses their website for on-line memorials, grief support resources, Social Security and veteran benefit questions.
“We want to provide the highest level of individualized service and care to our neighbors. That’s who we are.”

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