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There is so much more that goes into your home’s curb appeal than good lawn care and a can of paint. DIY projects can make a big difference, but sometimes a bit more is needed to bring the whole look together. It can be easy to overlook your driveway until it’s so severely worn and cracked that it’s unusable, but have you thought about how much better your home will look if you replace it right now? The difference is night and day!
When you are looking for a contractor to work on any project for your home, it can be overwhelming to try to make a decision about who to trust. Rest assured that Kalan Paul, Owner of LCI Concrete, has a proven track record of beautiful work with satisfied homeowners. Respected in the community, well-reviewed online and one of the friendliest guys you’ll ever meet, Kalan will set you up with a great-looking driveway in no time.
Kalan makes the whole process easy on you from the start. You will meet at your home for a consultation that only takes about 15 minutes. He is punctual and respectful of your time, and he understands that it’s not easy to take a whole afternoon off just to meet for a home improvement estimate. Often, he’ll meet homeowners on a lunch break so that they can get to know him, get the estimate and get right back to their busy day. Soon after the consultation, you’ll receive an email with your estimate and all you have to do is give Kalan a call to schedule the start of your project.

So, how long will you have to be out of a garage? Kalan says, “From the start of a project to the time you can drive on it is usually just four days.” Once construction is complete, he added, you can typically walk on it the very next day.
Your driveway might not be the first thing that comes to mind for a home improvement project, but replacing it will make a huge difference in the overall look of your curb appeal. The quick and easy process that LCI uses makes the whole project a breeze, from the time you call him to the first time you drive on it.
LCI Concrete is one of the highest rated and most reviewed concrete contractors in the Tulsa metro area, and they’ve earned stellar reviews on the Better Business Bureau and Angies List websites. Like any reputable concrete contractor, they use rebar in everything they do and they only use top quality materials. Insured and bonded with the city, LCI Concrete is a solid choice for your driveway replacement.
Kalan’s crew of five has been working together for nine years. They are a great team, always respectful of your property and they won’t leave messes behind.
“Our crew has completed over 300 new driveways together in the past 5 years,” said Kalan. “It’s the highest priority for me to minimize any debris or harm to the homeowner’s property, because we don’t want to put in a beautiful driveway and create another project for them.”
If you’re still not sure if LCI Concrete is the right fit for your project, give Kalan a call to see their work for yourself. References and a list of more than 100 local driveways that that Kalan has completed is available for you to view in person. Once your driveway is complete, you’ll want to show it off on his list too!
Contact Kalan if you’re looking for a driveway contractor who is punctual, easy to work with and gets the job done quickly.


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