The Top Three Reasons to Buy a Car before Year's End

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Like most retailers, car dealerships everywhere push for those year-end deals.  But what exactly makes the end of the year specials so different? Chad Jennings, General Manager of Green Country Mitsubishi in Bixby, says that it’s all about financing and inventory.

You know, everybody always wonders when the best time of month is to buy a car, but the time of year is easy because it’s always the end of the year,” he said. “Manufacturers are always pushing for their sales numbers by December 31, because they’re trying to close out the previous year’s models.”

According to Chad, the financing on last year’s vehicles will be the best it’s been for the entire year. With dealers needing to make room for next year’s models, they don’t want to carry last year’s inventory into the New Year.

“This really helps those who need a tax write off the for the end of the year, whether it be business or not. This is really the best time to do that,” he said.

Another benefit of buying a car at year’s end is manufacturers are pushing for incentives, meaning the rebates on new models will be at their absolute highest.

“Manufacturers and dealers don’t want a dip in sales as they sell out of the previous year models, so the rebate will be higher on the new models as well,” said Chad. “They’re trying to get ready for the year end change.”

Finally, Chad advises those in the market to get a new vehicle before the end of the year because dealers are willing to take less money in order to clear out their current inventory.  With the usual push starting a week before Thanksgiving, the sooner customers get in, the better.

“Dealers like myself, we’re trying to sell as many units as possible for that final, year end figure,” Chad said. “You know, there’s so much that goes into the advertising that manufacturers do to show year over year growth. Consumer spending is obviously up during the holidays with buying Christmas presents, so they have to be more aggressive with their approach, which is why they emphasize the high rebates. People also like to be the first with the newest model and this is the time of year to do that.”

Green Country Mitsubishi in Bixby has already received inquiries on their 2016 and 2017 models. The dealership opened their doors to Bixby and its surround communities in October 2014.

Chad Jennings serves as the general manager/managing partner for the dealership.  He has spent his entire adult life in the automotive industry and enjoys being a part of Green Country Mitsubishi’s steady growth.

The dealership remains committed to the original mission of community and service by providing quality products and services to their customers. They accommodate customers by providing extended store hours from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Chad and the rest of the staff at Green Country Mitsubishi invite you to stop by and shop their end-of-year deals while supplies last for a very happy new year.

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