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AVB Bank President and CEO, Ted Cundiff, presents a $750 donation to Junior Achievement (JA).

Supporting the Youth Movement

AVB Bank President and CEO, Ted Cundiff, recently presented a $750 donation to Junior Achievement (JA). Brian Jackson, Junior Achievement Development Manager accepted the donation. “Junior Achievement does a wonderful job preparing kids and giving them hands-on experience about real world situations in the workplace. It’s more and more important that young people understand the importance of economics and their own personal finances,” said Cundiff. “Junior Achievement continues to have great success in Broken Arrow and AVB is proud to be a part of their dedication to serving our youth.”

The programs help prepare young people for careers by showing them how to create jobs which benefit their communities, how to generate wealth and manage it, and how to apply entrepreneurial thinking to the work place. JA BizTown is their most hands-on program, combining classroom concepts and relevant applications. BizTown takes real life concepts of business and economics and allows children to apply what they have learned in the classroom. It helps the students connect the dots between what they learn in school and the world outside the classroom. AVB Bank’s donation will go towards Oak Crest Elementary School in Broken Arrow to support their involvement in JA BizTown.

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Pictured from left-to-right; Dorothy Ferguson (5 years), Kathy Pitts (10 years), Licia Kellerstrass (5 years), Jan Grogan (10 years), David Keith (15 years), Tammy Natekina (10 years), Kelley Rash (45 years), Carol Sue Willcutt (35 years), Carol Lemon (45 years), Doug Vangilder (5 years) and President and CEO, Ted Cundiff.

Years of Service Award

AVB Bank “Years of Service” Award winners were recently honored at the annual AVB Bank Employee Celebration. The Service Award is given out to employees to recognize their 5-year milestone of service and dedication to the bank and to this community.

Ted Cundiff, AVB President and CEO, congratulated and thanked the honorees ranging from 5-years to 45-years of service, stating, “Their longevity of service is a testimony to AVB being such a great place to call home. AVB prides itself on the values that go into creating a lasting relationship with each and every employee.” Cundiff continued, “Thank you for many years of faithful service and successfully building relationships with our customers and community.”

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