The Son Does Shine at Gleam Guard

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Gleam Guard Manager, Phillip Booth, is following in his father’s footsteps and taking the reins of the Tulsa office.

By, Macy Goodnight; Phillip Booth was born to shine.  

In 1987, before he was even born, his father, Tracy Booth, founded Gleam Guard; an A+ Rated BBB Accredited Business.  Following in his father’s footsteps, Phillip is now managing the Tulsa Metro office, with years of knowledge and experience of the company’s innovative technique and technology.

Gleam Guard specializes in one-day, mess-free cabinet refinishing. Larger kitchens may require an additional day.  Their process first begins with preparation, involving a thorough cleaning of wood to remove dirt and debris.  Restoration of cabinets, and other interior woodwork, includes reparation of damaged areas with custom matched stain blends.  Finally, the cabinets are protected with a clear coating that will keep cabinets looking fresh and new for decades.  Cabinet wood stain color change is also possible by the use of a special overglaze.  Their goal is to return cabinets to their former glory and make them look like new again, at a fraction of the cost.  The service is dust-free and non-toxic.  The process and technique will not only work on traditional wood surfaces, but also on painted, glazed, and pickled wood. A 5-year, free touch-up warranty is offered with their services.  The process is most convenient for their clients, with no need to empty cabinets or remove hardware before service. Flexible scheduling is readily available.  Refinished cabinets are not only easier to clean and maintain, but will provide lasting results and durability.  It couldn’t be any simpler, or cost-effective for their customers to have like-new cabinetry in any room of their home.

Phillip’s earliest memory of working with his father was when he was ten years old, and he recalls simply visiting with the clients while his father worked that day.  One of 5 siblings, Phillip tried other things after school, but like most of his family, he came back to working with the family business.  “It just feels like a natural fit for me,” said Phillip.  “It is honest work, and that’s my favorite part.  We’re not happy if our clients aren’t happy.”  Phillip is proud of his family business and is confident that nothing needs to change at Gleam Guard.  “Our process has remained relatively the same, and it just works every time,” he said.  “There is no need to evolve in a big way.”  He most favors the instant gratification he receives with each project.  “It’s really satisfying to see old and worn-down cabinets look like new again.”

Refinishing and restoring existing cabinets is extremely affordable, when weighed against
complete replacement, and the results can last for decades.  In fact, the cost is 70% less than resurfacing or replacing. “Our clients will always get more than they paid for,” Phillip said.  “We don’t meet expectations; we exceed them.”

For more information and to schedule a consultation, visit their website at or call Phillip at (918)231-1375.

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