Saving Lives One Shelter at a Time

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The grandson of retired Rogers County judge, Jack Mayberry, lifelong Claremore resident, Jason Birdsong, has great pride in his community. From these deep roots stem his commitment to protecting families from unnecessary devastation. To that end, he and his wife, Erin, set out to do their part across Northeastern Oklahoma and neighboring states, opening Survivor Shelters, LLC (Survivor) a little over five years ago. And it’s become a family affair with Jason’s mother, Charlotte Mayberry, handling the accounting and Jason and Erin’s 11-year-old daughter, D.J., learning the ropes after school. Since they opened their doors, Survivor has become a premiere “shelter superstore”, offering over 50 different shelters.
“We are not one size fits all.” explains Jason. From inground concrete or metal storm shelters and  above-ground concrete and metal saferooms to garage floor models, Survivor has something for every space limitation and preference. Survivor even offers decorative finishes for homeowners with discriminating taste. A 10 year manufacturer’s warranty for structural integrity comes standard.
“I personally think every home and school should have one,“ Erin opines. In fact, Survivor has set out to overcome every challenge a customer might have for not having a shelter. If finances are a problem, Survivor offers two easy financing options. With low interest rates, a customer can finance a shelter through Communications Federal Credit Union with approved credit. If credit history is a problem, though, Survivor also offers a Lease-to-Own option without a credit check requirement. A customer must simply pay the installation costs upfront, provide proof of employment and begin making payments on an installment plan.
With so much passion about their mission and so much hard work to see that mission through, it is little wonder that Survivor has had a banner year and has earned a host of accolades, including the A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. Moreover, Survivor continues to meet the highest of industry standards as certified through the American Tornado Shelter Association (ATSA). The most telling sign of success, however, can be seen in the row after row of framed photos that adorn the office walls—satisfied customers standing next to a newly installed shelter, a reminder of the lives that will be saved.
Survivor understands, firsthand, the devastation that can occur when an area is hit by a tornado. It serves as a proud sponsor of the Channel 6 Storm Trackers, helping to warn Green Country of impending threats. Jason even drives for one of the teams: “When I see all of the devastation, I think there is just no reason for fatalities. With today’s technology and warning system, it’s foolish. I’ve answered all of the challenges.“ Providing protection for your loved ones has never been easier. Call Survivor Shelters, LLC today!

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