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Kelly McKinney treats a happy customer to to a nail trim.

At Kelly’s Dazzle Dog Grooming Spa, your pets aren’t just guests, they’re family. From the moment you walk in the door, you and your furry friend can feel at home. Most importantly, you and your dog will build a personal relationship their groomer. For owner Kelly McKinney, the groomer-dog relationship is of utmost importance.
“When you walk in, we want you and your dog to feel relaxed,” said McKinney. “It can be nerve-wracking to leave your dog with strangers… We want to put your mind at ease. When you leave your dog with us, you can be sure people who truly love dogs are treating them wonderfully. We’re all dog-people here.”
McKinney began grooming at eighteen years old; she learned from her mother who groomed for 50 years. In 2009, she moved from a 650 square feet shop and expanded to her current location, which spans over 2500 square feet. She said the extra space cultivates the “open-door” atmosphere of Dazzle Dog.
“We have an open-door policy here. When you come in, you can walk through our entire shop. You and your dog can go wherever you like and see whatever you like. We find that makes our dogs, and their owners, feel more comfortable.”
Ideally, you should take your dog to the groomer every four to eight weeks, depending on their breed and coat. At Dazzle Dog, baths start at $25, and include nail trimming, ear cleaning, gland expression, and a trim. A full grooming starts at $40, and includes everything previously mentioned, as well as a full haircut.
“We aren’t a one-size-fits-all groomer,” McKinney said, “We take the time to get to know you and your dog, your needs, and what you want. We’ll never do anything without asking you first.” Have a nervous pup? You can bring them by Dazzle Dog any time, so they can get familiar with the sounds and smells. They can even meet their groomer before their appointment.
McKinney said the best part about owning Dazzle Dog Grooming Spa is seeing the countenance change in the dogs after they’ve been groomed.
“We have just as many scratch marks on the front of our door as we do on the inside,” McKinney said, “Dogs love coming and getting groomed, and we love your dogs as much as if they were our own.”
Call or drop in to visit Kelly’s Dazzle Dog Grooming Spa today!

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