Three Beauty Treatments to Fight Winter Dryness

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Three Beauty Treatments to Fight Winter Dryness

The bells have rung and the new year has come. Winter has made its welcome as temperatures continue to drop, drying out everything in its path from the grass in the yard to our skin and hair.

The team at Reveal Salon & Aesthetics has one resolution in mind for this year: for their clients to take care of the skin they’re in. Say hello to hydration this winter with treatments for your hair, nails and skin.


When it comes to hair, Salon Owner and Aesthetician Nicole McGinnis turns to the expertise of two of her experienced stylists, Jill Curbello and Troy Edmonds. Their number one treatment for winter hydration is the Brazilian Blowout.

A liquid keratin treatment, the Brazilian blowout provides a protective layer on the hair, reducing frizz and preserving moisture.

“I have clients who come to me for a blowout and get their hair cut elsewhere,” said Jill. “The blowout is great because it works on any hair type and texture. It also improves shine and moisture levels.”

The blowout is a deep conditioning treatment. It makes the cuticle smooth, sealing in moisture. One of the main things the blowout is known for is making the hair smooth and silky, lasting up to 12 weeks.

“Brazilian blowout is different because there’s no downtime to it, “ said Troy. “ With other keratin treatments you have to wait 2-3 days before shampooing, getting your hair wet or putting it in a ponytail. With the Brazilian Blowout, you’re done when you leave the salon.”


Just because our feet are not as exposed this time of year, that doesn’t mean we can neglect them.  Getting regular manicures and pedicures can help fight the effect the colder temperatures have on our hands and feet.

Debbie Edmonds of Reveal provides women and men of all ages services including manicures, pedicures, acrylic nails and Shellac. She also uses solar oil for dry nails to get them back in good shape.


Take care of your skin this winter. Reveal Salon offers chemical peels and a variety of treatments for the extra hydration our skin needs during the cold months.

“Winter is a great time to come in for a chemical peel because our skin isn’t as exposed to the sun as it is during the summer,” says Nicole. “Almost anyone can benefit from peels and hydration treatments this time of year.”

The Reveal team also includes six other stylists and a master barber. The entire staff offers consultations in all services for those who aren’t quite decided about a new look. The salon has been voted Best in the World by Tulsa World Weekend readers in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Call Reveal Salon for a consultation to keep your skin and hair glowing this winter.

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