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Joel and Kendra Wiland opened J. David Jewelry in Broken Arrow, OK, with just three rings and $500. Now, 20 years later, they own and operate that same store, as well as their newest location in south Tulsa.

At just 15, Joel began his career in the jewelry industry as an independent jeweler for corporate companies. His time and experience in the corporate world helped him learn that while he loved what he did, there were many things he intended to do differently in his own store.

Joel wanted to offer a level of quality that shoppers wouldn’t find anywhere else. His unique corporate experience allowed him to discover an untapped area in the jewelry market. Like all merchandise, jewelry is made to make a profit, and unfortunately, this means many pieces of jewelry can sometimes be of lesser quality. Luckily for J. David Jewelry shoppers, Joel decided this ideology was clearly not in people’s best interest.

“When everything is mass produced to get it as cheap as it can possibly be, there are a lot of people who compete for that business. We don’t,” Joel said. “It comes back to the best quality they can get for their money. I love to say that we’ll never be the cheapest because to be the cheapest you have to be the worst. We get people the very best for the least.”

Joel chooses to live by the philosophy, “It’s better to have one dollar from 100 people than $100 from one person”. His team chooses not to focus on the amount of money someone is willing to spend, but on ensuring they’re getting the best quality for their budget. This is one fundamental element that sets J. David Jewelry’s customer service apart.

“We show unconditional love for our people, our process and our product,” Joel assures. “It’s very important that it’s in that order. Our business wouldn’t exist without the individuals who work here.”

Customers who shop at J. David Jewelry can count on receiving individualized service centered around finding a piece they love and will be happy with for the rest of their life. Joel tries to be as accommodating as possible for those who may have inconvenient schedules. He’s even willing to take samples to someone’s business and return with the gift-wrapped item of their choice.

Visit the associates at J. David Jewelry for a top-notch experience and quality product.

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