25th Annual Oklahoma Renaissance Festival

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  The Castle invites one and all to join the festivities of the 25th Annual Oklahoma Renaissance Festival! Travel back to 1569 England to experience the Royal Quest for knighthood, a full-contact Jousting Tournament, Birds of Prey exhibitions, traveling Acrobats and musicians!

We look forward to celebrating the joyous return of the festival. The patrons of Castleton have been sorely missed throughout this year of plague. Castle safety protocols have been updated to ensure your safety, so that we may convene and commence in merriment once again.


2021 Protocols: The Castleton mask mandate will stand as we continue the crusade of defeating Covid. Masks are required. All guests in attendance are required to correctly wear a mask when not actively eating or drinking. Please help us to provide and enjoy the merriment of festival by aligning safety efforts. Queen’s Tea - We shall offer Queen’s Tea tickets per table. You may purchase one table for $50. This is up to six seats. Visit www.okcastle.com to reserve your table today. Queen Elizabeth has commissioned a new stage. The Fox and Pheasant has been remodeled to entertain on a grand scale! Patrons may plan to enjoy both musical and comedic shows open-air daily. The Washing Well Wenches will return to encourage clean living and slightly soiled humor from this stage as well. For a complete lineup for the season, please visit the Castle’s website. 

Whether shopping for homemade desserts or the fire-forged weapons of Castleton, the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival is available for guests of all ages. The clothing is unique, the food is delicious and most importantly... the memories made are once in a lifetime! Check out the website for themes and events to coordinate with each weekend. This is a fantastic opportunity for families to dress the part and have fun celebrating the history of Renaissance!

Dates and Hours

Saturdays & Sundays: May 1 - June 6, plus Memorial Day, May 31, 10:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.

For more information on discounts & purchasing online tickets: www.okcastle.com

Like us on Facebook as The Castle of Muskogee.

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