Real Life Love Story: Love at First Sight

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Who believes in love at first sight?  Isn’t that found just in fairytales?  Isn’t love at first glance only found in television shows like “Married at First Sight”?  Does that ever happen in everyday life and the relationship actually have a happy ending?  One Tulsa couple says, “Yes!” 

Megan Williams was 12 years old and at a church youth group event when she laid eyes on what she believed to be the love of her life.  Colby Roof was tall, dreamy and an older man; he was all of 13.  There was a lot of youth group flirting, chemistry and chasing that went on for the years until the two were old enough to date.  This match made in heaven would be devoted to each other even through some rough patches for 10 years until the walk down the aisle was finally scheduled.

Now, after nearly a decade of marriage, the Roofs have their differences but know through their long history together how to navigate compromise.

“We both believe in picking our battles,” Megan Roof said.  “We have been together so long we mostly avoid situations that would put us in the need of compromise. For example, I will avoid things if I know it to be bothersome to Colby within reason.  I know some things cannot be avoided, but somehow along the way our thoughts tend to be the same.”

There is one unresolved battle with this amiable couple, however.  There is that one thing that keeps these two at odds. 

“Dogs,” Megan Roof said. “It’s silly but true.  How to train the dogs.  If we can leave them for a vacation.  If we should get another.  Colby would bring home a new animal every day if he could.”

Communication is key in maintaining a happy home.  Megan Roof’s counterpart has some strong feelings about keeping that running smooth.

“I want her to feel safe telling me everything, and I definitely know that I don’t have to hide or sugar coat things,” Colby Roof said.  “It’s difficult to come to an understanding without an open line of communication.”

Wow!  What a guy.

No matter how much a couple is in love, relationships can get a little dicey from time to time when being cooped up during a worldwide lockdown, but this duo has a game plan to keep everyday life stimulating. 

“We try to keep things interesting,” Colby Roof said.  “Before the pandemic, a date night could be a concert, rock climbing, walking through the park, etc.  Lately, it’s been a quiet night at home watching movies, cooking good food and avoiding the public.”

This couple sounds too good to be true.  Surely, they get on each others nerves from time to time.  The Mrs. admits to one irritation.

“[It’s those] small stupid things like putting trash BY the trashcan but not IN the trashcan because it’s full,” Megan Roof said.

Neither of these two came into their relationship from a life of perfect peace on the homefront.  Colby Roof came from a divorced family and Megan Roof came from parents – her dad a pastor – who have been married for over 37 years.  The successful marriage between the parents was not without their own set of struggles, but she watched them work through it.  This young couple saw examples of what to do and what not to do.  With that as their road map, they have circumnavigated their own way.

While Megan Roof feels that couples should ask the more experienced for marriage guidance, the hubs doesn’t feel that way at all.

“Don’t listen to marriage advice,” Colby Roof said.  “It’s a unique experience between you and your partner that nobody has a blueprint for.  Keep an open heart and mind.”

No matter how happy a couple can be, sometimes a lot can be a lot and a little less can be more.  Specifically, these two like to spend a portion of time away from each other just so they can enjoy the reunion.  About once a year they have separate vacations with friends.  Hubby will hang with the boys while Megan Roof spends time with her chick friends.  They like to put themselves in the position to miss each other.  Evidently, that saying about the heart growing fonder is true.

Although this couple has nearly 20 years together, they never take each other for granted.  How do they manifest that deliberate backing?  Colby Roof says they always try to be considerate of each other and allow the other to pursue their passions and dreams while offering endless support.  In short, he says it’s honoring their wedding vows.

Even though this couple is young – still in their early 30s – they carry on like a couple of old souls.  They are comfortable with each other and settled.  There’s not much drama in this household; neither gets too worked up about anything.  Both know no one is going anywhere, their roots run deep and when it all shakes out, they are lifetime soulmates still experiencing that magnetism discovered that first night at the church youth group event.

“[He’s] my best friend, my partner in crime, the peanut butter to my jelly,” Megan Roof said.

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