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Co-owner Malissa Spacek, and office manager Sam Spacek.

By, Macy Goodnight; Most people dream of having the perfect body and many afford the time and energy to get to the gym and get the workouts in that are required for a fit and toned physique. What if there was a way to tone and tighten trouble areas on the body without having to work out at all?

The professionals at BA Med Spa are experts at providing the ultimate in services that help their clients feel their absolute best. With a range of services involving beauty and weight loss, they strive to stay current with the latest in technology to ensure their clients are receiving the highest quality and most comprehensive plans.

The latest and greatest offering at BA Med Spa is EMSCULPT, and is the ultimate fat burner and muscle builder, for a fit and toned body without the extensive time in the gym!  Co-owner, Malissa Spacek and office manager, Sam Spacek, are thrilled to introduce this exciting new option as a complement to the spectrum of services they provide.

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The latest and greatest offering at BA Med Spa is EMSCULPT, and is the ultimate fat burner and muscle builder, for a fit and toned body without the extensive time in the gym!

Initial consultations are always free. “If you decide EMSCULPT is for you, we will ensure you understand the science behind EMSCULPT, and exactly how it will work, as well as what is happening in your body,” said Sam. “This tool works out muscles, and the healthy side effect is that you will lose weight.” This nonsurgical procedure is the latest trend for fat reduction, but unlike other similar services, EMSCULPT is proven to build muscle, ultimately increasing weight loss, and speeding up metabolism. These technologies are meant to use in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, supplementing good diet and activity, and not intended to substitute mindful nutrition or regular exercise. For abdomen, buttocks and thighs, it is cleared by the Food and Drug Administration. “This technology is proven to increase cellular turnover rates, which help to build muscle,” Sam said. “At the same time, it pushes lactic acid out, for quicker recovery.”

“It’s basically like doing 20,000 crunches or 20,000 squats in 30 minutes,” said Malissa. “It’s really like an intensive work out involving involuntary contractions you could not make on your own.”

“EMSCULPT is effective in the use of high intensity focused electromagnetic energy to trigger supramaximal contractions that are not achieved without assistance,” Malissa said. “Best part:  It’s truly effective, painless and there is no downtime.”

One treatment with EMSCULPT includes four sessions; two 30 minutes sessions a week, for two weeks. One treatment cost is $3,000. “Case studies show over one treatment you will see 16-19% fat reduction, and 19-23% muscle gain in the treated area,” Sam said. “In our experience, clients have seen results after one or two sessions.”

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The entire staff at BA Med Spa is eager to help you find the healthiest, happiest YOU! Back Row (L-R): Jodi Jett, Traci Harper, Dr. James Campbell, Malissa Spacek (owner), Sam Spacek, Janna Gallegos. Front Row (L-R): Jenny Golliver, Judi Burton, Cori Lind.

As with all services and procedures offered at BA Med Spa, each client’s health is the top priority. “It’s a common trend in America to gain or lose weight rapidly,” said Sam. “We want you to be healthy, to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and get control of your diet. We do want you to lose weight, but our main goal is to get you into a doable lifestyle and maintain your health. You’ll see the best results if you’re healthy.”

Schedule your EMSCULPT consultation today by calling (918) 872-9999 or visit their website at for more information.

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