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Makayla at last year’s Me and My Guy Dance with her grandfather (“Poppie”) Jeff Ault. Makayla attended with her Poppie since her dad was serving overseas in the Marine Corps.

In an article entitled “The Science of Dad: Engaged Fathers Help Kids Flourish,” author Stephanie Pappas discusses the importance of fathers and other male figures being involved in their children’s lives, writing, “Increasingly involved dads are good news for kids, studies suggest. For example, dads who nurture and play with their babies have kids who grow up to have higher IQs...These benefits extend into the teen years: In 2001, the U.S. Department of Education found that kids with highly involved biological fathers were 43 percent more likely than kids without involved biological dads to earn mostly A’s in school. (Other studies of fatherhood suggest that stepdads, adoptive fathers and other father figures can provide the same kinds of benefits for kids as biological dads.)” Pappas goes on to discuss a variety of other areas in which an engaged father helps his children flourish, including emotional and social development. Rogers County Youth Services recognizes the critical role of positive male figures in young girls’ lives, and each year hosts a special evening dedicated to fostering these relationships.
The 9th annual “Me and My Guy Dance” will be held Saturday, February 27 at the Rogers State University Ballroom from 6 to 9 p.m. This event is an opportunity for young ladies to spend a fun “date” night with their father, uncle, grandpa, or other male role model in their life.
Kayla Butler, RCYS board member, says the dance is a big smile-fest. “It’s so precious to see these young girls’ faces lit up all evening; they are so excited to be spending quality time with their fathers. They get all dressed up in pretty dresses and do their makeup, and often the men will take them out to dinner first and give them beautiful corsages to wear,” she says. “The atmosphere is festive, warm, fun and interactive. It’s a special evening for both the young ladies and the men.”
The dance will feature a deejay playing a variety of popular music (including fun dance songs such as the limbo), a candy bar, refreshments and door prizes. “We have wonderful door prizes the girls will love, including Bath & Body Works items. Our most popular prize is the American Girl doll given each year.” In addition, a photographer will be on hand to capture the evening’s memories, with photo packages available for purchase.      
Girls ranging in age from about 5 to high school age will cherish an evening at the Me and My Guy Dance. Call Carolyn at Rogers County Youth Services at (918) 341-7580 ext. 6 to make reservations. Tickets are $10 in advance (with a $25 family maximum), or $15 at the door. A limited number of tickets are available, however, so it’s best to order tickets early. All proceeds will benefit the works of Rogers County Youth Services, which include a shelter facility, counseling services, parenting groups and more. Believing in the potential of youth, Rogers County Youth Services serves the community by strengthening youth and families.
“It is our hope for the Me and My Guy Dance that it will be a stepping stone for dads to remember the importance of making quality time with their daughters, stretching beyond this one night and becoming a permanent part of their relationship,” adds Kayla.

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