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Crusader Tactical owners, Andy Shidell and Danny Jones are the areas premier experts on ARs and their practicality. The shop carries the largest selection of ARs and accessories in Broken Arrow and the surrounding area.

By, Macy Goodnight; Danny Jones and Andy Shidell, owners of Crusader Tactical in Broken Arrow, have a mission to provide the best gun and accessories buying experience with the most comprehensive expertise in their hometown. Their well-stocked shop is located on the Northeast corner of 101st and Elm, in the Vandever East shopping center.

With the state’s new Constitutional Carry laws coming Nov. 1, it pays to speak to gun pros who understand the upcoming changes. “Constitutional Carry basically says that no more permits are required to carry a firearm openly or concealed,” said Danny. “It essentially eliminates the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act within the state; however, it is advisable to be aware that when traveling, other states may not recognize Oklahoma law.” It is advisable for anyone planning to participate in open or concealed carry to gain a thorough understanding of the laws already in place, and how Constitutional Carry works.

“If you are eligible to own a handgun, you can openly or concealed carry a handgun,” said Andy. “The same rules still apply for eligibility, including age and legal standing requirements.” Background checks are still required for gun purchases. Once cleared, gun owners do not have to have training or a permit to carry a firearm openly. “I personally don’t carry openly because that makes you target #1,” said Andy. “It’s not a good practice to make yourself a target, or to draw attention to yourself.” Andy is a trusted expert on the subject, with over 23 years in service as a US probation officer, and extensive training with the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center as a firearms instructor. “People also need to understand where you can carry a gun, and when it’s legally acceptable,” he added. Crusader Tactical offers training and classes to fill the need for safe and responsible gun ownership. “If you don’t want to pay for a concealed carry license, take the class,” Andy said. “Part of responsible gun ownership is to know everything you need to about the do’s and don’ts, laws and use of force.” Both Danny and Andy emphasize that they fully support the new law. “Should we have to buy our rights from the government?  No,” said Danny. “We support it because it is our right, but we do recommend training and education,” added Andy.

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Constitutional Carry Law begins Nov. 1, 2019. Crusader Tactical co-owner, Danny Jones is a carry advocate, with emphasis on training and education.

Class schedules can be found online on their website, at Classes and training offered will include concealed carry, and they will eventually add AR classes. The shop boasts the largest selection of AR guns and parts in Broken Arrow and the surrounding area. “The AR-15 is the most popular weapon in America,” said Andy. “It is so flexible and highly customizable. They are primarily used for hunting and self-defense.” The AR-15 was designed initially as a military-style weapon but is now not considered military-grade because it is a semi-automatic, rather than automatic, like the M16. “They look exactly the same,” said Danny, “but all the AR-15 does is load the next round for you. There is a lot of misconception about them. We just see them as a tool.” As with all firearms they sell, they both agree that training and education are key.

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