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Route 66 Dog Ranch has been providing an oasis in the country since March 2016. Your family dog has 64,880 square feet  to run freely and safely at the Sapulpa facility while you’re on vacation.

Stefanie Lorbiecki is the proud owner of this state-of-the-art dog boarding ranch located in Sapulpa, OK. She and her facility manager, Nicole Young, provide dog daycare, boarding and training.

Daycare pricing ranges from $12 to $17 per day and boarding costs $30 for the first dog, $25 for the second and $20 for an additional dog. Dogs are taken outside five times a day and go to bed in a soundproof facility at 8 p.m. They can even give your dog a quick nail trim, ear cleaning and bath before you pick them up from their stay.

Along with daycare and boarding, the Route 66 Dog Ranch provides training in many areas such as problem dog training, service dog training, agility and obedience. According to Lorbiecki, Young is a natural with the dogs.

“She’s taught several of her dogs, and some people who have boarded here have had dogs who had problems with aggression or jumping,” Lorbiecki said. “She’s worked with those dogs, and even during the short time they boarded here, she’s been able to correct their problems.”

Both the facility and caretakers can handle dogs of all shapes and sizes. Even pets with special needs are going to be welcome and well taken care of.

Lorbiecki personally owns eight dogs ranging from ages 1 to 14. She guarantees that her personal experience handling that many dogs gives her the knowledge necessary to care for ones with special needs.

“They’ve had the gamut of physical problems: arthritis, thyroid problems, allergies, hearing loss and seizures,” Lorbiecki explains. “So I’ve been through a lot.”

Lorbiecki also lives onsite. This accessibility to the boarding facility also allows her to keep a closer eye on the dogs than some other owners could do living offsite. It also allows for very accommodating pick-up and drop-off times. Dogs can be dropped off after 7 a.m. and picked up anytime.

Route 66 Dog Ranch has both the facilities and services that make it stand out to its customers, but at the end of the day, it’s the care dogs receive that really wins people, and their dogs, over.

“I’ve been interviewed and people will come here and then go see four or five other places and they come back here,”  Lorbiecki explains. “They all say the same thing. They say, ‘This is where my dog is going to be loved the most.’ I say, ‘Thank you and that’s exactly right.’”

Visit Route 66 Dog Ranch online or give them a call to schedule boarding dates or for more information about their business.

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