Port City Metals Partners with Midwest Pathogend Services for All Their Workspace Disinfection Needs

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In a world where your biggest enemy is downtime, Port City Metals chooses Midwest Pathogend Services for all of its workspace disinfection needs.

Port City Metal Services prides itself on taking care of the health of their employees while running a streamlined operation.  Their company-wide philosophy is called:  Intelligent Efficiency.  It permeates everything they do – from stocking massive, ready-to-go inventory of steel plate, to kitting parts for faster assembly; they are always on-the-go in their technology and processes.

“We have a large facility with multiple offices, restrooms, and manufacturing workspaces that need periodic disinfection services,” said Clint Warren, Port City Metals Assistant General Manager.  We chose Midwest Pathogend because they have top-notch fogging and electrostatic disinfecting equipment.  They are very knowledgeable about the best methods for disinfecting our various work spaces.  We really appreciate their responsiveness.  They have the ability to put a large team onto the jobsite and disinfect quickly and thoroughly.  They do a great job of monitoring work surfaces before and after treatment to verify that everything is properly sanitized.  We began using Midwest Pathogend in April, 2020.  We have them treat multiple areas of our facility on a monthly basis.”

The latest in protection and prevention is available from Midwest Pathogend Services, serving Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and beyond. They provide a service using procedures, and technology designed for healthcare facilities, hospitals, and surgery centers using: Hydrogen Peroxide Micron-Fogging. It is a scientifically proven treatment to bio-decontaminate your space and kill nasty germs and pathogens like spores, viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi including Cdiff, Norovirus, TB, Legionella, Salmonella, Staph, Influenza, Measles, Chickenpox and more in every corner, crevice, nook and cranny. It is used as a last step evaporating fog that reaches virtually every surface in your space without wetting things down.  It is safe for electronics, and other highly sensitive materials and surfaces.  You get maximum coverage of over 99% of areas that normally get missed or cross-contaminated; you also get a kill rate of 99.9999% for all organisms listed previously, and more.  Plus the disinfected room air smells fresher, too.  It is EPA registered Sporocidal Disinfectant and they use CDC (Center for Disease Control) protocols.

You can stop and prevent outbreaks in your childcare facility, school, medical or dental facility, church, or business.  Midwest Pathogend Services will prove it with their procedure commonly used in hospitals, schools and hotels.  Since we are fighting something we can’t see - they will come to your space and test using validation methods to provide proof of germ presence before treatment, and the reduction of germ counts after treatment.

Their procedure works like this:


Identify facility needs with onsite swab testing and analysis.  Results are available in minutes, not days.


Disinfection surface wipe down, Hydrogen Peroxide Micron Fogging*, and extended protection application. No germ is left behind on 100% of surfaces, air, and missed places – hospital grade disinfection.


Provide you with swab testing and results, environmental recommendations, and routine facility enhancement. Your tailored plan is designed to avoid excessive time and unnecessary costs.

Isn’t it time you protect your staff or facility from harmful germs?  Know for certain your space is clean, sanitized, and clear of terrible sickness causing bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and odors.

You can get started today and stop outbreaks with environmentally friendly WHOLE SPACE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE MICRON-FOGGING.

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