Kick Up Your Confidence

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Kick Up Your Confidence

Almost every parent hopes and wishes  for their children succeed in living out their life dreams.  It’s just what they do. 

But no matter what measures parents take to protect their children, somewhere along the line young boys and girls experience a terribly embarrassing moment – whether at school or home or otherwise – that dashes their confidence and they slowly detour from their dreams and goals. The staff at Martial Arts Academy in Owasso knows this, which is why they love working with kids on their confidence.

“Rebuilding confidence is crucial and it starts the moment a child shows up in class,” Owner and Senior Chief Instructor Chris Velez says.  “Everyone here knows what it is like to have to overcome those feelings so the students are taught how to encourage each other when they come in.”

Martial Arts Academy in Owasso offers a fun and practical solution for confidence restoration. Chris and his team of instructors for 14 years have instilled confidence-building components into each of the activities performed by the hundreds of students who have come through their doors. 

At Martial Arts Academy, instructors become mentors and begin providing the students a constant series of challenge-and-success opportunities over and over again to help condition each child to develop tenacity, perseverance, and patience.  Chris says soon the children will naturally begin to envision themselves as being successful and will learn to not quit in life.

Parents can also enjoy the benefit of watching their children experience an elevated level of etiquette, maturity and self-control at Martial Arts Academy.  As a result, students achieve improved grades and productivity.  And since the program is designed for those who have zero experience and fitness level, the entry process is quite easy. 

In fact, Martial Arts Academy offers first-timers a rare treat: a free tour, free personal analysis and determine training goals, followed by a free private lesson.

“We invite everyone to visit,” Velez says.  “There’s nothing to lose. If it is a good fit, you can sign up.  You can even sign up to try for 30 days.” 


Martial Arts Academy is at 9100 North Garnett Road in Owasso.  Classes are in the evening Monday to Thursday, and Saturday morning.  Velez says consistency is more important than frequency, so it is best a student to take a regular 1-2 days a week of classes.

Push away confidence issues in your child’s life today and call Martial Arts Academy.

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