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Melanie Hasty-Grant hands a Character Coin to a student who has exhibited an act of character.

Melanie Hasty-Grant and her husband, Ken Grant, are co-owners of Waterstone Private Wealth Management, with offices in Owasso and Utica Square, Tulsa. Together, Melanie and Ken have more than 20 years of experience in the financial industry.
The couple is well-known for being charitable and active in Owasso and surrounding communities. “We choose to focus on the positive in people instead of the negative that seems to abound today,” says Melanie. “We had an idea with a goal to build others up. We then share the concept with others in surrounding communities: businesses, organizations and schools.”
The program initiated by Waterstone is Character Coin TM. “With the amount of talk surrounding the topic of character, we developed a positive concept to bring recognition to individuals with outstanding character,” says Melanie. Character Coin is the first program designed for community, corporate, and educational settings with the sole purpose of rewarding and acknowledging positive character. The goal is to encourage people to consciously focus on the positives in others.
Character Coin is an actual gold coin you pass to someone who has been caught doing something that represents a positive character trait. The coin is a tool to help each of us recognize the positive attributes of those with whom we frequently come in contact. After recognizing them, ask them to do the same – pass the Character Coin along to someone else! Participants are encouraged to record their stories at
When your business, organization or school sponsors Character Coin, you become part of a program that keeps on giving, and you become part of an amazing grassroots effort for years to come in your community. Each coin is minted with your logo, website, city and state on one side and the Character Coin logo and website on the reverse side.
Character Coins are a powerful way to promote positive motivation and character among employees, students and organization members. You may want to schedule coverage for a kick-off press conference and awards ceremony to recognize people in your community. The opportunities to promote Character Coin in a positive manner are endless, and the giver and receiver of a Character Coin benefit from the positive feelings evoked when the coin is passed along.
Waterstone sponsors Character Coins for free, and you can get them at their offices in Owasso and Tulsa. Waterstone currently sponsors coins for the following organizations: Claremore Police Department, Herald Elementary School in Collinsville, Owasso Schools - 7th Grade Center, Barnes, Hodson, Mills, Bailey, and Mid-High, Westside Elementary School in Claremore, and Mars Elementary School in Skiatook.
Visit the Character Coin website and Facebook today. “Character Coin is a game of pay it forward,” says Melanie. Some of the traits you’ll want to look for in others include: courageous, dependable, responsible, charitable, determined and considerate.
Visit for more information and how to become a Character Coin sponsor.
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