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Dr. Tony Hicks provides chiropractic care and an individualized program for total health.

Dr. Tony Hicks is not your typical chiropractor.  His passion is to teach patients how to get healthy and stay healthy.
The Bixby chiropractor firmly believes our current health care system does not work for chronic disease.  
“Our health care does wonders for infection and trauma,” he explains.
Unfortunately, the three leading killers in the U.S.—heart disease, cancer and diabetes—have tripled in the past 20 years.  And they are expected to triple again over the next 20 years.
“We need a new system that is not just testing, drugs and surgery,” he says. “Rather than treat a specific symptom with a specific pill, possibly for life, we need to look at how the body is integrated as a whole.”
The functional medicine that he practices, in addition to traditional spinal adjustments, addresses this need.  His holistic approach aims to treat the cause of the patient’s pain and not just the symptoms. Dr. Hicks goes about his work by way of a program that he calls the 5 Pillars of Health.  The plan focuses on the nervous system, detoxification, nutritious food, exercise and hormones.
The voluntary and involuntary nervous systems communicate with brain cells and control mechanisms within the body.  Injuries, stress and posture are just three examples of interferences that can cause pain and disease.
Detoxification involves the removal of toxic substances, primarily carried out by the liver.  According to Dr. Hicks, the FDA has approved over 88,000 chemicals to be in the air we breathe.  The problem lies in the fact that interaction among these chemicals is not readily known.  In time the liver can become overwhelmed and unable to remove the toxins it is designed to do.
Essential nutrients are necessary to support human life and health.  Dr. Hicks views genetically modified foods as a “science project.”  Too often our bodies view this “food” as foreign bodies.  The result is inflammation.
Exercise is an essential part of physical fitness, the ability to perform aspects of our occupations, sports activities and the things we need and want to do in our everyday lives.  But not all exercises produce the positive results we seek.
Hormones communicate between organs and tissues to regulate physiological and behavioral activities such as digestion, metabolism, respiration, tissue function, sensory perception, sleep, excretion, lactation, stress, growth and development, movement, reproduction and mood.  Foods have hormones that can be detrimental to the body.  This includes the formation of excessive cortisol that is known to produce body fat.
Dr. Hicks believes good, even life-changing, health can be achieved by the body working in balance.  A defining moment in his life occurred when his parents brought him to a chiropractor.  The young daredevil had a long history of broken bones, concussions and numerous other injuries from skateboarding, dirt biking and riding motorcycles. For days at a time he would lie in a dark room, unable to tolerate light or sound or function in a normal way.  Out of desperation, his parents scheduled an appointment with a local chiropractor.  In a short time he felt better, and his headaches were gone!
Thus began his quest for learning more about anatomy, physiology and how to keep all the parts working together in harmony.  His passion to learn and share has only increased after 20 years of practice. He keeps up with pertinent studies and regularly attends chiropractic seminars.  
“The best doctor I can be is to teach people how to be healthy,” he says. Dr. Hicks was awarded the designation of a Top 10 Doctor through his patient ratings.
Dr. Hicks offers a free class, “Stress, Hormones and Health,” twice each month. Pre-registration is required.  Call today to register or to schedule a free consultation or appointment.

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