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The team at Superior Service enjoys helping their friends and community through quality work and service.

There’s nothing worse than your air conditioning going out in triple-digit temperatures. Everyone knows it’s hard to sleep, get up and go to work the next day refreshed and energized when you’re uncomfortable. Superior Service of Broken Arrow knows this, which is why they make it their mission to help you beat the heat with the most superior service experience ever.
Founder Patrick Conklin started Superior Service 26 years ago after having troubles of his own getting his air conditioning fixed. Pat worked as a subcontractor in San Antonio, Texas, learning the business from a contractor at the time.
“I was fortunate enough to be mechanical by nature,” he said. ““It’s not a guy with a garden hose and a tank of gas anymore. There are AC units with over 700 speeds and computer boards built into them. The cost of energy is the cost of the equipment, really.”
The cost is about to get much greater. According to experts, the refrigerant that is in 90% of the air conditioning units in houses today will be banned in the United States in the year 2020.
“I would advise people to go ahead and consider buying a new unit now,” said Pat. “It’s really a sticker shock to people now and they don’t plan on it. They do plan on replacing their vehicle, but they don’t plan on replacing their heating and air unit. But in three and a half years, if they’re having a major breakdown they’re going to have to. If they wait until they have to, they will have less choice and more expense.”
Pat says the best time to buy new HVAC equipment is October through December as manufacturers aim to empty their warehouses.
“You can always make your best deal when no one else is buying. If you wait, you’ll get the highest price and the least amount of service,” he says.
A great way to save money and possibly your unit is through regular maintenance. AC units will typically run whether or not you do routine maintenance, but they will burn more electricity, wear out faster and cost more money at the end. Maintaining equipment that was installed properly should guarantee to last the way it was designed for, about 10-15 years life expectancy. Regular maintenance is as simple as getting your AC checked every spring. This allows you to develop a relationship with a company you trust before an emergency callout happens. The team at Superior Service’s mission is the customer’s experience, not just selling equipment.
“The name of the company was not designed by accident. It was designed as our mission statement. We are human, we do make mistakes, but we handle that mistake in how the customer is served.”
Superior Service provides each customer with 24/7 emergency service, courtesy calls within 30-45 minutes of arrival at your location, care service checkups and professional and courteous technicians who put your satisfaction at top priority.
“What’s most rewarding about this business is being able to help friends and neighbors in a time of need when its something specialized, that not everybody knows how to do,” said Pat. “It’s like as cars have gotten more high tech, so have HVACS.”
Don’t wait until your AC breaks down in the middle of summer to get it fixed. Call Superior Service now to schedule a routine maintenance check.  

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