Work & Marriage: Teamwork Makes Dreamwork

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It is said “teamwork makes the dream work,” and these words can apply to almost any situation as motivation to work together, but for Troy and Debbie Edmonds, it means a little bit more. Troy and Debbie have been married for many years, and have worked together for most that of time. Neither of them would dream of working apart. Together, they are part of the incredible staff at Reveal Salon, located at 8929 S. Memorial Dr. #170. The Salon offers clients an array of services, including haircuts, color and styling, skin, anti-aging and acne treatments, nail care and much more. Troy is a full-service stylist at the salon, while Debbie is a certified nail technician. Working together, they are as happy as a married couple could ever be.

“We’ve always worked together and have never had a problem,” said Troy. “It just works better for us.” Troy and Debbie met when they were 13 and 14 years old, and spending their time with each other is where they have always found normalcy. “We have so many people say they don’t know how we work together, but we’ve always had this special relationship,” said Debbie. “I just think some people are married, but some people are MARRIED.”

Early in their marriage, Troy owned and operated his own barbershop, called Kings Court. While their two sons were very young, Debbie decided she wanted to go to cosmetology school to learn how to do nails, and upon graduation, began working with her husband. They moved together to work with Nicole McGinnis, owner of Reveal Salon, in 2012. They each have over 25 years of experience working in their specialties.

Troy and Debbie have found that working together is not only beneficial for them, but their clients as well. “If you have a good relationship with your clients, they trust your recommendations,” said Debbie. “I have referred my customers to Troy for hair, and he sends his to me for their nails. It’s helpful for people to come to us because we are a good team.” The pair think of each other highly not only personally, but also professionally. “Most of Debbie’s customers have been with her for over 20 years,” said Troy. “They’re loyal customers because she does such a great job. She does an excellent job and really cares about her clients.” Debbie truly believes in her husband’s work. “95 percent of my clients go to Troy for their hair,” she said. “He really communicates with his clients to make sure he gives them what they want. He’s also just such a nice guy – a really good person.”

With a successful working relationship, their advice to other couples considering working together is simple: “We stay really busy, so we don’t just sit around together all day,” said Troy. “If you’re going to work together, you can’t go home and talk about work all the time. Work can’t be 24 hours a day.”

Above all, they are proud to provide exceptional customer service as part of the Reveal Salon team. “Nicole is the absolute best for skincare,” said Debbie. “She’s a very nice and honest person, and is excellent at what she does.” Nicole, a licensed aesthetician, provides comprehensive skincare services and expertise in the areas of acne, anti-aging and overall skin health. Reveal Salon’s staff can thoroughly complete any beauty agenda.

Appointments at the salon can be made by calling (918) 891-9634, but for an appointment with Troy, call (918) 694-9911, or Debbie at (918) 697-3171. More information on additional services available at Reveal Salon can be found on their website at

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