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BA Med Spa specializes in customized weight loss plans for each individual.

Located at 510 N. Elm Place in Broken Arrow, the Spa offers cutting-edge services in aesthetics, beauty, hormone therapy, and weight loss.  Their customized plans are tailored to each client, and they offer the latest information and technology with all their services.

What to Expect: BA Med Spa’s weight loss clinic in Tulsa can utilize any combination of improved grocery lists, injections, prescription appetite suppressants, and medical supervision to help our patients shed weight without losing muscle mass or suffering from sagging skin.

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Step 1. Consultation: During your initial consultation, you will receive your first month of medication. We will also provide a thorough diet consultation. During this time, lab work will be performed which will include a complete blood count, thyroid panel with TSH, a lipid panel, and a metabolic panel.

Step 2. Weekly Check-ins: Our weight loss program in Tulsa will request that you visit us on a weekly basis, with no appointment necessary. This is to help us track your progress and ensure you are maintaining a healthy balance of the essentials your body needs during the weight loss process.

Step 3. Medically guided weight loss: You should expect to see inches lost first, with the scale reflecting this change shortly following. Based on the individual, we can offer our weight loss program in Tulsa as long as is necessary to achieve your goals. 

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BA Med Spa has served thousands of satisfied customers with their tried and true weight loss programs, and recently introduced a physician-supervised keto diet. The program provides prescriptions and supplements to assist clients in getting into the state of ketosis.  Ketosis is a natural metabolic state that has been proven to increase energy and stimulate weight loss.  Other benefits can include mental clarity and decreased appetite.  Since 2009, they have provided dedicated service as a weight loss clinic, with results that last.  They have an extensive list of services for shedding pounds, toning up, and building muscle.  “We know that many people are struggling right now with their weight,” said Melody.  “We want those people to know that we are here for them.”

The Spa also offers TeleHealth services, with consultations being provided over the phone or internet.  Every step has been taken to give their clients the absolute best in service.  “We truly cater to our client’s needs,” Melody said.

December ushers in a month of savings with their annual “12 Days of Christmas” sales event.  Gift certificates and skincare products are available and make wonderful gifts wrapped or in a stocking.  You can purchase online, by phone or in-person.

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In a recent survey, Self-Care products and services gifts were one of the top choices for 2021.  During “The 12 Days of Christmas,” you can save on just about every product and service available at BA Med Spa & Weight Loss.  For instance, Juvederm products like Ultra, Ultra Plus, Vollure and Voluma are being offered at extreme discounts.  All skincare product lines are 20% off during the sale.  Extraordinary skin tightening and sculpting treatments are discounted 25% and more.  Botox injections are offered at $8.75 per unit.  hCG and MIC injectables, DG Standard, B-Complex and B-12 are also steeply discounted during December.

BA Med Spa’s mission is to improve the lives of the patients they serve.

Visit their website at to shop, or follow them on Facebook @bamedspa for more on Christmas sales, and for the latest updates.

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