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A licensed Aesthetician since 1998, Nicole McGinnis decided to take the plunge to open Reveal Salon five years ago. Her salon is full-service, offering hair, nail and skincare services. The distinction, however, between Reveal Salon and others is more than skin-deep.
“I had never had acne as a teenager, but by my mid-twenties,” recalls McGinnis, “I began to experience breakouts. I tried everything, going from one dermatologist to another… I didn’t really want to be on antibiotics, and it wasn’t really helping. Then, I went to an Aesthetician, and I began to see results.”
Inspired by her experience and personally understanding the correlation between a person’s complexion and her self-esteem, McGinnis trained as an Aesthetician, and now pays if forward to her clients.
Reveal Salon offers a full range of treatments for a variety of skincare woes. Chemical peels, with peeling from microscopic to major, are available, and the client does not need a lot of down time to see the results unlike with more invasive treatments. Rezenerate AntiAging Treatment is another specialized offering. It minimizes fine lines and leaves skin looking and feeling younger. It also does not require any downtime. As the seasons change, so too do the environmental factors such as humidity levels which affect the skin. For this reason, hydrating treatments and facials are a great way to take care of skin transitioning from one season to the next.
Unique to Reveal Salon is the Skin Classic Machine. It is a state-of-the-art tool that allows McGinnis to effectively treat her clients for: skin tags, hyper-pigmentation (also known as age spots); Sebaceous Hyperplasia; Cherry Angiomas (sometimes referred to as “red moles”) and other skin imperfections. The treatments with the Skin Classic Machine are very affordable.
Of course, treating clients for acne-prone skin is near and dear to McGinnis due to her own, former struggles. “Unlike a dermatologist where you get a little time and a prescription,” explains McGinnis, “I am able to give my clients more time and a personalized regimen.” From pre-teen to senior citizens, clients are being treated for acne with successful results. Typically, a regimen includes in-salon chemical peels along with personalized home care products for daily use. Treatment is not merely topical, however, at Reveal Salon, and education as to a client’s lifestyle is standard, as oftentimes flare ups may be triggered by something as simple as nutrition.
No matter the problem, you can get your glow back by visiting Reveal Salon.

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