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Eric Danels of Robertson Plumbing Supply enjoys helping professional plumbers and DIY enthusiasts with their plumbing fixtures and parts.  He also wants to help make fixing your plumbing problems simple.

Tulsa area residents have trusted the Robertson name for plumbing needs for nearly 40 years.  Previously located on South Mingo Road, Robertson Plumbing Supply moved to their new location at 6116 East Admiral Place two years ago where they currently serve all of Tulsa plus Broken Arrow, Owasso and Sand Springs.  Owner Eric Danels says, “Whether you’re a commercial pluming operation or a home owner who likes to DIY, you’ll be pleased to know that with our increased square footage we have actually doubled our parts inventory.  We are the largest plumbing repair and parts supplier in Oklahoma.”
The Robertson facility has an incredible amount of plumbing repair parts.  But, something you may not know is that Robertson also carries lines of new plumbing products including toilets, faucets, tubs, showers, shower surround kits and other quality fixtures.  “There truly is a difference in quality between our wholesale products and parts and the retail (box store) versions,” says Eric.  “You’ll find that wholesale products and parts are superior quality, will last longer, and it’s easier to find replacement parts.  Most box stores carry very few, if any, repair parts for the plumbing products they sell.  The theory is that when a product fails, you throw it away and buy a new one.”  Robertson Plumbing Supply does carry repair parts for all the products they sell.  
“Here’s an important tip that you may or may not have figured out over the years.  Plumbing parts are not universal nor interchangeable between brands,” advises Eric.  If your home or business has one or more of the abundant import fixtures available in today’s market and you can’t find repair parts, don’t despair.  Robertson has ferreted out avenues enabling them to stock even these seemingly nonexistent parts and have added them to their stock inventory of repair parts.
Robertson also carries the name-brand products you’ve come to know and trust.  If you’re remodeling your home or office or just having a plumbing problem and need parts, Eric has a suggestion.  “For your convenience, text or email a photo of your fixture and/or the part you need so we can analyze the problem and get back to you.  This is just another way we may be able to save you time, frustration and money,” says Eric.  If needed, Robertson will send one of their experienced, licensed plumbers to your home or business to do the needed repair or installation.
The next time you have plumbing repair issues or are looking for new fixtures, please remember Robertson Plumbing Supply.  They carry just about any repair part you’ll need to complete your project…valves, toilet flappers, supply line hoses and more.  They also carry parts for name brands plus those products that have no manufacture’s name.  If they do not have your part in stock, chances are they can have it delivered the next day.  Robertson Plumbing Supply.  Trusted for nearly 40 years.

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