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Office Manager Sophie Woodson (left) and Owner & Operator Kevin Dyson (right).

Modern technology has made it easier for consumers to protect their homes and other items of great value. But how do you know if the job is getting done correctly? If you worry enough to protect your property, you should be concerned enough to do it right!

At DLSS, they take the challenge of safeguarding homes and businesses to heart. In business since 1997, DLSS prides itself on building relationships with its customers. Kevin Dyson, who owns and operates the company stresses, “We care about our customers and they are much more than just a name on a sheet of paper to us. We make ourselves available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.” That’s one of the many reasons Kevin thinks customers tend to stay with DLSS rather than leave for the next best deal offered to them through a coupon in the mail.

Once thought to only be available to the super rich, home automation and security is available to anyone with a smart device. “We use one platform for security, lights, sound – really just about anything you can imagine,” explains Kevin. This differs from many other companies who provide similar services because rather than one app on your smart device, you need several, which can make it confusing and more difficult to use.

Another aspect to DLSS which makes them unique is the fact they use an open platform, which in laymen’s terms, means you can go to other retailers and add on other amenities. “We don’t lock our customers out so they are forced to use us for all of their needs. We have built-in flexibility with our programs,” says Kevin.

The most satisfying aspect of of his business is “handling our customers with care”. Kevin says every phone call is always answered by a human and all problems are solved rather than just placing the blame. “We want to make it right.” His management staff help to make sure that is always the focus. Helping in the office are Office Manager Sophie Woodson and Operations Manager Shannon Morrison and out in the field are Commercial Lead Tech Josh Morrison and Scheduling Manager Anthony Green.

Kevin and his staff are trained and licensed, which is an ongoing process because technology and trends constantly change. “I receive some sort of new training about every 90 days”.  Besides keeping up on technology, Kevin also is involved with state legislation that regulates security licensing for Oklahoma.

But, securing your home and business is far from the only services DLSS provides. They also install fire alarms, home and business automation, access control, video surveillance, sound systems, home theatre systems, low voltage and solar lighting, computer networking and gate access systems. Kevin is quick to point out that he and his staff are happy to discuss any unusual or high-value items that may take extra engineering.

Give DLSS a call at 918-376-9200 or visit them online at It won’t take you long to see why they’ve been voted Tulsa’s Best for four years.

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