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Dental Careers of Tulsa staff members include Cathy Carletti-DuPriest, Dr. Andrew Carletti and Norma Tyler.

In response to a shortage of trained dental assistants in Northeast Oklahoma, the late Dr. John Carletti, Carletti Dentistry & Associates, made a huge commitment to service and education with the establishment of Dental Careers of Tulsa, an education and training program that prepares participants to make a decision that could change their lives – that of entering the dental profession as a dental assistant. Dental Careers of Tulsa was established in 1998, and Dr. Carletti’s legacy continues today through his son, J. Andrew Carletti, DDS, and daughter, Cathy Carletti-DuPriest. Dr. Carletti is the organization’s director of education, and Cathy is part of the management team. Norma Tyler and Karen Summers serve as school administrators, and Linda Pierce is the program instructor.
This dental assisting course has been producing quality dental assistants by offering courses three times a year, in the spring, summer and fall, with two convenient class times. The hours of commitment are the same, whether enrollees attend Tuesday and Thursday evening classes for 14 weeks or Saturday classes for 10 weeks. A maximum of eight students per class is accepted, and all class times allow students to train for their exciting new careers while continuing to work at their current jobs.
Dental Careers of Tulsa classes provide a foundation for dentistry, the necessary basics from which students can build their careers. Most advertised jobs for dental assistants require experience. With this dental assisting course, graduates should have both the confidence and skills required to apply for these positions. Part of the course training focuses on how to create a professional resume and introductory letter, how to prepare for a job interview, how to dress and what to say. In short, the course prepares graduates to stand out from the competition.
Training session topics include a general introduction to dentistry, X-ray training, infection control, anatomy, instruments and equipment of dentistry, oral surgery, and office management. According to Norma Tyler, “Our students complete a 40-hour internship, allowing them to have hands-on training in their field of interest.” Names of dentists who indicate that they are seeking qualified dental assistants are given to those enrolled in the program. Some may be offered jobs pending graduation.
Upon completion of the dental assisting course, students are invited to rate the program and instructional personnel. “Students have historically given us very high ratings,” says Norma. “Our dental assistant instructor, Linda Pierce, is a highly experienced instructor and is absolutely wonderful.”
If you think you’d be interested in working as a healthcare professional, check the website or contact Dental Careers of Tulsa for more information. What a great vocational choice that will keep you and your patients smiling.

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