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Beth Cassody and Teresa McIlroy put the victorious “V” in their new studio space for VIM 360.

VIM 360, previously Strength of Mind & Body, is a fitness and wellness studio offering Pilates, yoga, personal training, and wellness coaching. Teresa McIlroy, owner and physical therapist, is excited about the changes happening with the studio. They recently moved into a larger location, doubling their space from 2,500 square feet to 5,000 square feet. The new studio at 1615 S. Eucalyptus, Suite 101 is only a few hundred feet from the old location, and includes a separate yoga room, Pilates Reformer room, personal training and assessment room, as well as other designated areas. At the previous studio, all equipment and classes were together in one area. With the expansion, they have been able to offer a larger class selection and more class times. The new class options include therapeutic yoga, Tai Chi, cardio Pilates Reformer, and jump board Pilates Reformer.
Therapeutic yoga is a series of stretching techniques and restorative postures that allows the mind and body to fully release, resulting in increased energy. Each class focuses on a different area, such as range of motion in the shoulders, hip opening, pressure points, back relief and yoga for traveling. Class instructor Chris Beck is a Yogafit instructor who has studied with many internationally known yoga celebrities, resulting in over 300 hours of teacher training over the past decade.
Tai Chi is an ancient healing art that has been used for centuries to help promote the flow of energy throughout the body. It is comprised of a series of slow, relaxed movements, and has been shown in studies to have a wealth of benefits, including better balance and reduced falls, pain relief, improved sleep, balance and mental clarity, and lowered blood pressure.
The jump board Pilates Reformer classes involve low impact aerobics plus core work, and cardio Pilates Reformer is focused on raising the heart rate and increasing cardiovascular strength.
VIM 360’s certified instructors are highly qualified and continually expanding their knowledge, training and certifications. In addition to Teresa and Beth Cassody, physical therapist assistant, instructors include Chris Beck, therapeutic yoga instructor; Cindy Hoffman, Pilates instructor; Cheryl Albro, registered dietician; Erin Decoursey, Pilates instructor; Celeste Lewis, cardio Reformer instructor; Sharon Haddaway, yoga instructor; and Kym Norman, physical therapist assistant. Class information and schedules can be found online at Their new website,, will be up and running soon.
Along with the expanded class offerings, VIM 360 is working on plenty of ideas for the near future, including a healthy snack and smoothie bar, massage therapy, and additional class offerings such as Zumba. Starting in January, VIM 360 began hosting monthly “Cabinet Cuisine” cooking workshops, taught by Miriam Brooks, RN, BSN and Certified Wellness Coach. Each class focuses on a different topic for healthy cooking, such as soups, breakfast ideas, cooking with what you have in the pantry, and more. Class registration is only $15 and is open to anyone interested in attending. Seats are limited; reserve your spot online at
With this being their third (and final) move since opening five years ago, Teresa decided it was time for their name to change as well. Her husband, Dr. Jeff McIlroy, owns Strength of Mind Behavioral Clinic. When the fitness studio first opened, it was on campus with the clinic, so it made sense to share a namesake. As Teresa and her team moved locations and solidified their own business identity, the name got a little confusing. “We discussed a lot of name ideas, and the word ‘vim’ kept coming up. I didn’t feel confident about any of the names we thought of. I was anxious and worried, and I needed to find an answer, so I said a prayer. Soon after, I was looking in the dictionary for ideas and looked up the word ‘life’ – our studio emphasizes how true living involves the ability to move and function with ease. The entry showed the phrase ‘vim and vigor.’ I looked up the word ‘vim,’ which was defined as ‘strength of the body and/or mind,’ and I knew it was meant to be. We focus on wellness for the whole mind, body and spirit of a person – all 360 degrees – and VIM 360 was born.”

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