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By, Macy Goodnight; With the arrival of spring and warmer temperatures, destructive termites begin to swarm in masses, seeking to secure the survival of their species. They are indiscriminate on where they colonize, and the grander their numbers, the greater the damage they can cause. Shelia Disler, Vice President at Mother Nature’s, compares their situation to a scene similar to Game of Thrones. “Swarm season is mating time for future kings and queens, and they are working to build new colonies,” she said. “They are very social insects and there’s a lot of drama.”

Family owned and operated since 1979, Mother Nature’s Pest and Lawn has been working to help homeowners ‘battle the bugs’, while evolving their business into the most comprehensive preventive and remedial service available in the industry. Pests in the home cannot only be extremely uncomfortable, but left untreated can be extraordinarily costly. As the largest pest control company in Oklahoma, their mission has always been to provide the greatest degree of customer service, in the timeliest manner, to ensure their customer’s homes are protected. Rather than wait for problems to arise, many of their services offer assurance with prevention. For termite control, there is nothing better than Sentricon. The pest control company is the only one in the state to use the cutting edge, exceptional termite control technology.

Sales Representative Taylor Reed and Vice President Shelia Disler.

“We usually start to see termite swarms in March to April, when it starts to warm up,” Shelia said. “The Sentricon system protects 24/7 and provides a protective barrier around the home.” The system works by way of a perimeter of densely baited points around the house or building. The termites that take the bait transport it to the queen, causing her demise, and thereby eliminating the entire colony. Statistically, an acre of land could be occupied by 12 to 15 colonies, and any home in a neighborhood could have 2 to 3 colonies in the vicinity. “Many people don’t realize that most homeowners’ insurance policies won’t cover termite damage, as it’s looked at as preventable,” said Sales Representative, Taylor Reed. “If you have 15 thousand dollars in damage that could all end up being out of pocket. Termite control is like paying for insurance to prevent their destruction.”

Spring termite swarm.

In addition to termite control, Mother Nature offers help with other critters as well, such as ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, fleas, mice, mosquitoes, silverfish, spiders and ticks. As brown recluse and black widow spiders can be dangerous, prevention of an infestation is essential, especially with their commonality in Oklahoma. Bedbugs have been a major nuisance for many, and as the insects are opportunistic little hitchhikers, they can be brought into a home in a multitude of ways. Those who travel could unknowingly bring these unwanted visitors home with them. Mother Nature offers full inspections, as well as programs and scheduled routine treatments to ensure your home is safe and healthy. With recent viral concerns in mind, some might find their germ control services useful in preventing the spread of illness.

As a leader in the business of personal environment control, it is no surprise that the lawn services at Mother Nature’s would also be of the highest quality, with the most innovative services available for weed control and fertilization. Their most effective program offers 7 applications that typically would start in January, and are applied every 35-45 days, until November. In early spring, they recommend pre-emergent applications to attack the first emerging weeds, and then consistent post-emergent treatment to prevent weeds throughout the year. “Fertilizing in spring will promote healthy growth so yards are looking nice and fluffy for the summertime,” Taylor said.

As with all pest and weed control, prevention is key. Call them today to schedule your free consultation at (918) 362-2000, or visit their website at to learn more.


Termite damage.

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