Winterize and Permanently Preserve Your Decks and Patios

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PermaSeal will protect your wood from weather, rot and extreme weather conditions.

 The extremes of harsher weather conditions in winter and summer are the greatest enemies of wood and concrete.  In the winter, wet and cloudy days exponentially increase deterioration of wood causing fungus and rot; as does the annual freeze-thaw cycle that breaks down concrete.  Using PermaSeal USA offers you a defense system to prevent wood deterioration and absorbs into concrete to penetrate microscopic cracks, crevasses and pores to prevent checking and pitting.

Originated in Canada, PermaSeal sealant was created more than 50 years ago to preserve wood from the cold climates in the north. Since then, PermaSeal USA operates in 13 states across the country and is the only company of its kind that has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

What exactly is PermaSeal USA? It’s much more than a protective topcoat. Simply put, PermaSeal USA is a penetrating-based process that preserves concrete and wood. Mark Clausen, Oklahoma Branch Manager, says the benefits are endless. “It not only refurbishes wood and concrete, but makes them 23 percent stronger, not to mention the waterproof aspect of it. Further decay and rot are no longer a concern once PermaSeal USA has been applied.”

PermaSeal USA can be used on new concrete and wood structures or existing ones as well. “We’ve worked on driveways that have years of damage from salt and sand from Oklahoma winters and by the time we’re done, they are permanently preserved. It’s an amazing product.” Driveways, fences, decks, pergolas, gazebos and boat docks and slips are just a few of the investments PermaSeal USA can protect.

Another impressive aspect of PermaSeal USA is that it is a green product. “It’s safe for the three Ps – people, plants and pets. It’s completely biodegradable and nontoxic,” boasts Mark. He adds, “It almost sounds too good to be true when I explain all the benefits, but it really works. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do.”

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that PermaSeal USA also makes maintenance much easier. Treated surfaces simply need to be lightly washed. Power washing is no longer necessary. Now you can use that time to enjoy your home instead of worrying about constant upkeep.

PermSeal USA is a penetrating sealant - not a top coat or stain.  The short and long-term value of this product and application is that there is no more top coats or stains and no more replacement costs which essentially gives you immeasurable peace of mind. Each application has a 25-year transferable warranty. Visit their facebook page ( usaLLC), and view before and after pictures as well as videos of the process so you can see for yourself what an invaluable asset this would be to your home.

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