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Owner, Trena McGill.

By, Macy Goodnight; It’s easier to look and feel your best when given the right tools. For many, the quest for optimal health and wellness is one way to achieve success, and feeling good about personal style can be another. At ah-Sigh-e, you can have both!

Located in Bixby at 12345 S. Memorial Drive, ah-Sigh-e serves up deliciously nutritious acai bowls and smoothies, as well as other wholesome goodies.  Recently, they have added a stylish little boutique, giving guests an opportunity to satisfy their taste not only in flavor but in style. 

Exclusive spirit wear collection available.

The acai bowls and smoothies at the store are made with wholesome, organic ingredients, and are sugar, dairy, and soy-free.  There are no hidden sugars, salt, or preservatives.  The bowls are like a healthy frozen parfait treat; the base is made with whole acai berries, and a bevy of healthy toppings, such as fruit, nuts, granola, or seeds are added in layers to make a decadent bowl of awesome for a meal or a snack.  “They are really popular in California, Florida, and Hawaii,” said owner, Trena McGill.  As previous residents of Florida, she and her husband and co-owner, Jason, recognized the potential for the superior offerings here.  “I was eating these every day, and I really needed to have a place to get them! We really wanted to share this with everyone.”  To sweeten the bowls and smoothies, locally sourced honey from Roarke Acres is used, adding to the superfood benefits of the servings.  Agave and erythritol can also be used to accommodate the needs of almost any diet.

The Acai berry is a “superfruit” that is harvested in Brazil.  They are considered a staple food of the Amazon region and are embraced around the globe for their nutritional value for health and well-being.  “They are filled with antioxidants, and have properties that are really important for anti-aging, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammation,” said Trena. “They also help you feel satisfied and full when you eat them.  I’ll eat a bowl mid-morning, and I won’t eat again until dinner.” The pure ingredients in the blends are also helpful in building immunity and aid in fighting sickness. For those seeking to make genuinely healthy choices, acai bowls and smoothies are where it’s at for amazing overall health benefits, while enjoying a delicious harmony of fresh flavors.  “My kids love them,” Trena said, “and I know they are getting something that is really good for them.”  Ah-Sigh-e is the correct pronunciation, and hence, the shop’s catchy name.

Unique, on-trend fashion finds.

The recent addition of the “little boutique” is an exciting new way to experience the store.  Guests can grab a bowl or smoothie, and shop for stylish fashion finds, accessories, and more.  “The boutique is like an extension of my closet,” said Trena, “because it’s all stuff I love!”  An exclusive line of spirit wear is available, with hats, tees, and hoodies.  “You can get your team wear and look cute while supporting your kid’s team!” she said.   Most clothing style sizes can be found in sizes small to XXL.  An activewear collection is available in sizes small to large.  Work from local artists is also featured in-shop.

A new Ah-Sigh-e location in Jenks opened in February.  Future location plans are hopeful to include Broken Arrow and Midtown Tulsa.  As the company grows, Jason and Trena wish to share the gift of acai with everyone in the area.  To better serve their customers, they are continually adding new items to the menu, as well as increasing the list of ingredients, such as pure nut butters made on site, and even their own almond milk.  Cold-brew Nitro coffee is now offered and contains less acid than most other coffees.  Drive-thru service is also available, but customers will not want to miss the boutique. Visit ah-Sigh-e and feel your best inside and out!

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