What Weight-Loss Program is Right for You?

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Are you having trouble losing weight?  BA Med Spa & Weight-Loss is one of Tulsa Metro’s most advanced leaders in providing effective healthy weight-loss and aesthetics treatments.

Patients receive medical supervision and support to form healthy habits, there are no pre-packaged foods or complicated meal plans to follow. Medication is provided, if needed. You will have lab work at the start your weight-loss program to assess factors that could influence your weight-loss. BA Med Spa & Weight-Loss equips you with the essentials customized for your health needs to reach your weight-loss goals.

BA Med Spa & Weight-Loss uses the latest technologies and most advanced care in non-surgical aesthetics, anti-aging, body contouring, hormone replacement, and wellness treatments.

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Always ahead of the curve on innovation and service, BA Med Spa has recently been remodeled to add a convenient drive-thru for prescription pick up. Pictured:  CEO Becky McClune.

Located at 510 N. Elm Place in Broken Arrow, the Spa offers cutting edge services in aesthetics, beauty, hormone therapy, and weight loss. Their customized plans are tailored to suit the needs of each client, and they are progressive in keeping up with the latest in technology and trends.

BA Med Spa goes above and beyond to ensure they are providing a safe and healthy environment, while also working to keep their clients looking and feeling their absolute best. “Whatever your needs are, we are here to help you wake up more confident and ready to start your day,” said Practice Manager, Melody Hawkins.

Established in 2010, BA Med Spa has served thousands of satisfied customers with their tried and true weight loss programs, and recently introduced a physician-supervised keto diet. The program provides prescriptions and supplements to assist clients in getting into the state of ketosis. Ketosis is a natural metabolic state that has been proven to increase energy and stimulate weight loss. Other benefits can include mental clarity and decreased appetite. Since 2009, they have provided dedicated service as a weight loss clinic, with results that last. They have an extensive list of services for shedding pounds, toning up, and building muscle. “We know that many people are struggling right now with their weight,” said Melody. “We want those people to know that we are here for them.”

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BA Med Spa offers TeleHealth services, with consultations over the phone or internet for added safety and health measures.  Pictured:  Client Service Coordinator Kimberly Amilian.

To promote social distancing, client appointments have been staggered, and patients will move directly to their provider without waiting in the lobby. They follow CDC guidelines. A drive- thru window helps make prescription pickup fast and easy. The Spa also offers TeleHealth services,with consultations being provided over the phone or internet. Every step has been taken to give their clients the absolute best in service. “We truly cater to our client’s needs,” Melody said.

Gift certificates and skincare products are available and make wonderful Valentine gifts. They have also added a new online store for added convenience.

BA Med Spa’s mission is to improve the lives of the patients they serve. Their forward- thinking on behalf of their clients is thoughtful and intelligent, providing an innovative approach to wellness and self-care for the individual.

Visit their website at www.baweightspa.com to shop, or follow them on Facebook @bamedspa for more on sales, and for the latest updates.

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