Keeping Your Trees and Lawn Healthy, Safe and Beautiful

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The S&W Tree Specialists family includes two of the owners, Robbie Mizumura and Dale Hughes.  Dale’s two daughters also enjoy spending time at the shop with their Dad and Uncle.

Family owned and operated since 2011, S&W Tree Specialists of Tulsa provides services to all of northeastern Oklahoma including Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Coweta, Owasso, Claremore, Jenks, Bixby, Bartlesville, Wagoner, Muskogee, Glen Pool, Skiatook, the Grand Lake Area and neighboring towns.  The Company is run by family members Dale and Leilani Hughes, Robby Mizumura and Bryan Merseburgh.  
“S&W continues to ensure the highest quality and standards that have made us the preferred tree care company of many businesses and homeowners over the years,” says Robby.  Their certified and trained arborists and tree care safety professionals are available to answer your questions and provide no-obligation estimates.
S&W Tree Specialists moved their operation last year from their well-known location between Broken Arrow and Coweta on Hwy 51.  With the move, many folks thought the well-known company had closed their doors, but Leilani assures everyone that they are still very much in business.
“We simply outgrew our previous location,” says Leilani,  “and moved to 101st & 353rd East Avenue, a little off the beaten path, but with a lot more space for equipment.”
S&W specializes in tree care, plant healthcare, property maintenance, tree pruning, turf care and emergency storm services to businesses and homeowners alike.
“Our current focus is on tree and plant diseases,” explained Dale.  “The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is a green beetle native to eastern Asia that feeds on Ash trees.  In its native range it’s not a significant pest.  However, outside that range it is an invasive species that kills Ash trees.  The EAB is now in Oklahoma.  If you wait until you see signs of its presence, it’s too late to save your tree.  Treatment must be proactive.”  To treat Ash trees for the EAB, tree trunks are sprayed with a highly concentrated insecticide that permeates the bark.  As beetles nibble on the treated trees, they ingest the formula and are eliminated.
“We are just beginning to treat for Web Worms,” said Robbie.  “Again, we recommend treatment prior to infestation so affected trees are not damaged.”  Web Worms love fruit and nut trees, Maples and Birch varieties.  
S&W is fully insured with Workman’s Comprehensive and Liability Insurance.  Make sure anyone you select to do work on your property is properly insured.  
Don’t put it off.  Now is the time to call S&W Tree Service for a free quote to help make your property beautiful and safe.

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