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Financial Advisor Linda Rainwater is proud to announce the opening of her new financial services business, Generation Income Strategies, an independent firm.

Linda Rainwater, as a financial advisor for Raymond James, is excited to announce the opening of her new company, Generation Income Strategies. Linda has been successfully investing for many clients since 2003. Linda’s primary goal has always been to help generations of families learn to invest and be financially successful. She has a passion for teaching money matters to people of all ages – from young children on up.
The key to Linda’s success as a financial advisor has been her focus on investing in client relationships. “Building long-term relationships with clients is critical to serving their needs.”
Linda’s father, George, began teaching her about money matters at the age of 5 years old. While in college, he insisted she invest $2,000 on her slim budget. She did just as he said. Today, those same principles have influenced and paved the way for her present knowledge base of investing for the future.
Everyone has different goals for financial achievement. There is not a “one size fits all” plan in the finance business. Linda lays out strategies and plans for each family, including the children and grandchildren – teaching and tutoring each person along the way. “All aspects of my business are aligned to help me better understand and meet my clients’ unique goals and needs. Before I recommend investments, I look to where you are financially and discuss with you where you want to go, so I can help you get there,” says Linda.
Making a plan and sticking to it is an important step on your road to meeting your financial goals.
Linda offers many approaches and instructs free seminars throughout the year on various financial topics, continually researching for better ways to assist your family. Understanding your investment risks goes hand in hand with potential returns. “It is not what you make,” says Linda, “it is how you handle what you have. You are in control of your financial success.” Securities offered through Raymond James Financial Services Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC.

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