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“Some may want to know my name... but I am not important, Jesus is the one who is important.”

Years ago while I was in the military, on one very dark night, I was driving a noisy Jeep on a runway with no person in sight in any direction. I heard a loud commanding voice say “STOP” and I immediately stopped the Jeep. As I was looking around wondering who said stop, a fast, tree top flying, spy plane that you could not hear before it was past you, landed where my Jeep would have been. That voice saved my life. Over 8 years later, God revealed that it was His voice that commanded me to stop and saved my life. God can reveal Himself to us. One of the reasons I follow Jesus is because Jesus also can “REVEAL”1 God to us.
A few years later, I was taking a biblical Greek course at the university and the big test at the end of the year involved translating a passage from greek and describing the parts of speech of each word. The passage was to be from the gospel of John or the epistles of John and I knew I did not know greek that well. I asked God in Jesus’ name for help. God led me to the exact five verses on the test out of a possible 1,010 verses. I knew I had heard God and heard Him correctly. A few months later when God told me to “JUST FOLLOW JESUS”, I knew again it was God.
It has been a learning process over the subsequent years to just follow Jesus and I am still learning. In addition to being obedient to God, I follow Jesus because He tells the truth and is the truth and Jesus tells us the only way to God “IS THROUGH ME”2. Jesus tells us “IF YOU OBEY MY TEACHING AND KNOW THE TRUTH... THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE”3, which includes being set free from manmade religious teachings. I also follow Jesus because He said “I AM THE SON OF GOD”4 and that God told Jesus what “TO SAY”5. There are many other reasons why I just follow Jesus yet the main reason is I am being obedient to God, who also said about Jesus “THIS IS MY SON, WHOM I LOVE. LISTEN TO HIM”6. Some may want to know my name or where I go to church, etc but I am not important, Jesus is the one who is important and His words and actions. Be encouraged to follow Jesus, so you will be one of the “FEW”7 who will go on to eternal life when your body dies, remembering that God has given Jesus the authority to “JUDGE”8. If you want to know more from Jesus, be encouraged to visit our web page www.jesusworldview.net or read a different teaching from Jesus everyday on one of our Facebook pages - Teachings from JESUS.
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