Bindas Mechanical Solutions Provides Everyday Solutions to HVAC Problems

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Bindas Mechanical Solutions co-owner George Bindas has been in the HVAC industry for 30 years.

At Bindas Mechanical Solutions, George and Sherri Bindas have the experience, dedication, and integrity to care for all your HVAC needs – with extra emphasis on customer satisfaction.

“Our business model is simple – we treat our customers the way that we would want to be treated,” said Sherri Bindas, who co-owns the company with her husband, George. “Customer satisfaction is the No. 1 priority with us. George listens to our customers to find out exactly what they’re looking for and giving them exactly that – and a little more.”

Bindas Mechanical Solutions services include residential and commercial HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), installation and replacement, repair and preventative maintenance, system evaluations, inspections for real estate property, and consulting for property management companies.

“George also specializes in Energy Management Systems, encompassing the use of computer-aided controls to ensure optimum efficiency for commercial businesses to save them money,” Sherri said. “It’s an adaptive learning system that enables equipment to run efficiently. The systems can turn on heat or air, lights, and have your office comfortable before you even arrive for the day.”

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Currently, George Bindas, with Bindas Mechanical Solutions, is working to install 19 units at the Rogers County Jail in Claremore, Oklahoma. Bindas has handled projects around Oklahoma and out of state.

Additionally, Energy Management Systems can alert customers to any problems or troubles ahead of time, all of which is done through wireless devices, Sherri said.

The Bindases have teamed up with the Carrier Corporation (national heating, ventilation and air conditioning company), which allows them to offer better pricing to their customers and to pass Carrier’s great warranties on equipment on to their customers -- although they are trained to install and work on all brands of equipment.

Currently, the Bindases are installing 19 units at the Amos G. Ward Detention Facility, aka Rogers County Jail, in Claremore.

“This is our biggest job this year, and we’re so excited to have the opportunity to do this,” Sherri said.

In addition to local jobs, George has been involved in several small and large scale projects across the state and around the country, such as the Apple Campus 2 in Cupertino, California, the Sapulpa Police Department, the Jones Family Center in Springdale, Arkansas, the Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District in Houston, Texas, Tulsa Public Schools, Federal Buildings in Oklahoma City, the Oklahoma Aquarium in Tulsa, Pryor Public Schools, Jenks Public Schools, Tahlequah Public Schools, the Medical Examiner’s Office in Tulsa, Tulsa Bone and Joint, Union Public Schools and several others.

But regardless of the size of any given job, the Bindases treat every project with the utmost priority.

“We’ll always be fair and honest with each and every customer, and take pride in our work, and look for ways to give our customers more for their money.”

George, a veteran of the Navy, has been in the HVAC industry for nearly 30 years. Originally from the Houston, Texas area, he and his family relocated to Tulsa in 2010 to help with Sherri’s parents.

Through George’s vast experience in the industry, he has faced many challenging jobs, yet, he always finds a favorable outcome for both parties, Sherri said.

“One of the most interesting jobs he says he ever did was working on the air conditioning in a traffic helicopter for one of the major news stations in Houston,” she said. “While in Houston, he later worked as a Senior HVAC technician for Cypress Fairbanks ISD (one of the nation’s largest school districts).  During his time there, he began working with Energy Management Systems to further his expertise within the industry.”

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After arriving in Tulsa, George quickly found a position with a local HVAC and Energy Management company and began working with clients in the Tulsa area. After spending years building relationships with people in the community, the Bindases started their own company, and have built their reputation on quality work and superior customer service – one job at a time.

“Something we want all residential customers to know is that even though R22 systems will no longer be manufactured after January 2020, it doesn’t mean they have to immediately replace their current (HVAC) systems,” George said. “There are replacement options for R22. The best thing to do is have their current system evaluated. Many times, there’s a lot of life left in a customer’s R22 system, depending on age and how well the unit has been maintained.”

As to what the most important measure is to take to help ensure longevity and prevent breakdowns in an HVAC system, George advises “routine maintenance.”

“It’s best to find small problems early before they become major, more expensive issues,” he said. So, before the cold Oklahoma weather settles in, call Bindas Mechanical Solutions and get on the schedule for winter heating service, which includes cleaning filters and coils, checking on electrical data, and checking for any leaks.

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