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Tracy Standridge, DC, is the owner of Standridge Clinic in Owasso.Dr. Standridge has been in practice for 30 years, and is known for his commitment to using innovative and alternative methods of identifying and treating the root cause of his patient’s pain.  His practice’s slogan,“Well Beyond Chiropractic,” speaks to his passion to help patients through a variety of specialized treatments, including disk decompression,strength and rehabilitation, and blood analysis - non-traditional diagnostics and treatments that extend beyond those of a standard chiropractic practice.

Dr. Standridge’s is the first doctor to bring Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology to Oklahoma in order to heal his patients dealing with a number of chronic health conditions such as depression, arthritic knee pain, chronic fatigue and peripheral neuropathy. Approved by the FDA and used by NASA, PEMF is a safe and effective treatment for people who have become frustrated and or given up hope with traditional medical options.

“The human body is made up of cells, which require proper electrical voltage in order to function properly,” Dr. Standridge explained. “Our body’s cells hold electrical charges and are very similar to cell phone batteries; but when the electrical voltage of our cells begins to drop, we see pain and disease begin to appear. We’re seeing some truly amazing results with our patients using PEMF, which quickly brings their body back into balance and re-energizes their cells through cellular exercise.”

Sheila K is a patient of Dr. Standridge.  She explained her experience receiving PEMF treatments in the following paraphrased way.

“Before my PEMF treatments, I rated my pain level at a 8, with 1 being minimal and 10 being considerable pain. I found that the PEMF treatments began working immediately, and noticed reducing in pain immediately following each session. After two to three treatments, I was experiencing less pain in my shoulders, neck and lower back, and had a better range of motion, enabling me to increase my activities. After two months of treatment, I rated my pain as a 5; today, I’m at a 1! I’m off medications, my energy level is great and I feel better than I ever did prior to the PEMF treatment,” she exclaimed. “People tell me that I look healthy, that my skin looks amazing and that I’m glowing. I look and feel great!”

“Our goal is to diagnose your condition and correct what’s hurting you,” says Dr. Standridge. 

Standridge Clinic is offering two free sessions of PEMF therapy for people who are looking for hope and relief from their chronic conditions.

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