Paying Too Much for Your Prescriptions?

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GenScripts Pharmacy owner Mark Wright with Owasso Pharmacist/Store Manager Julie Heath and Lead Technician Beth Bozarth. GenScripts Owasso opened in early January, and Mark, Julie and Beth look forward to helping you save money with your prescription needs.

According to Mark Wright, owner of GenScripts Pharmacy, millions of consumers pay for their own prescriptions out of pocket, have high-deductible insurance, are affected by the Medicare Part D “donut hole,” or have expensive insurance co-pays for at least part of their prescriptions. If this is you, Mark invites you to contact the new GenScripts Pharmacy in Owasso to see if they can provide you with an affordable solution to ease the financial pains of high prescription costs.
After 47 years as a pharmacist, Mark felt changes could be made within his industry that would directly benefit the patient. He believed he could revolutionize the pharmacy industry, and forged ahead to develop a simple plan. After much thought and deliberation, Wright came to the conclusion that patient care could be simplified if middlemen were eliminated and only the doctor, patient and pharmacist were included in the prescription process. His solution was to effectively eliminate all red-tape generated by third-party involvement – the insurance companies.
After three years of preparation, GenScripts opened its first store in midtown Tulsa in 2006. The unique business model empowered doctors and put their patients at the center of the plan. Prices are kept competitive and affordable and, best of all, patients get well.
“Our mission,” said Wright, “is to relieve the pain of high prescription prices by providing patients with quality prescriptions at affordable prices. We give patients personal counsel on how to save money, assist them in executing their doctor’s care plan, and we participate actively in their treatment and recovery.”
GenScripts now has three locations: Owasso, Broken Arrow and Tulsa. The focus remains on delivering great value and savings on prescriptions to patrons. “When you visit a GenScripts Pharmacy, you’ll receive free advice, the highest quality pharmaceuticals, and benefit from our low prices that compete successfully with big-box discount pharmacies and large chain drug stores.”
The continuing focus of GenScripts is to unleash free market principles that allow them to offer customers honest and transparent prices that are based on actual product costs – not what the insurance market dictates prices should be.
Mark advises that prescription prices vary greatly among pharmacies, often varying by 50% or more between pharmacies in the same city. In the United States, prices are not fixed or regulated, and hundreds of customers pay less at GenScripts than their insurance co-pay. If you are uninsured or have a high deductible plan, you may save 50% or more on certain prescriptions at GenScripts.
GenScripts is a fully licensed pharmacy providing highest-quality medicines at low prices. Call or visit the new store in Owasso for prices and learn why thousands of area residents have made GenScripts their pharmacy of choice. “We do more than just dispense medications,” said Wright. “We are pro-active in helping find ways to save you money. At GenScripts, you are our customer, not the insurance company.”

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